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What Is Lori Harvey’s Height? 5 Extremely Personal Details About the Model

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Lori Harvey reached the height of her modeling career at a record age, becoming one of the most sought-after models despite her unique frame. But what else is known about the model beside her impressive career?

Lori Harvey has been a hot topic since her foray into the dating pool and these days she seems to be stirring even more dust. From her scandalous romantic escapades to her latest breakup with former People’s Sexiest Man Alive Michael Jordan, the model just keeps serving it hot.

More recently, the star, usually tight-lipped about her romantic escapades, gave fans a glimpse into her love life. During her appearance on Teyona Taylor’s YouTube series Luv2SeeIt, she shared details about all-things relationship.

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What is Lori Harvey height | Image: Pinterest
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Touching on her dating red flags, the 25-year-old revealed she had a thing against her romantic partner being close with their exes. Despite not wanting them to be too friendly, she also considered someone beefing their ex as a red flag.

According to the model, rather than fall within the two extremes, maintaining a cordial relationship with an ex would work just fine. Meanwhile, Lori Harvey seems keen on practicing what she preaches, as she and Jordan have since unfollowed each other on social media.

While the exes are yet to reveal the full story behind their breakup, here are some juicy details about Lori Harvey, including her height, dating escapades, and history of plastic surgery.

What Is Lori Harvey’s Height?

Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey stands at 5 feet and 3 inches, an unconventional height for a top model. Despite her height, the raving beauty has excelled in the modeling world, having signed with LA Model Management agency in the US at a young age.

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Her career has seen her stand tall against leading supermodels in the industry with a more intimidating height. Notwithstanding, Harvey seems to be in a league of her own, opening doors for more models with her body frame and physique.

She weighs approximately 110lbs, a perfect fit for her height to give her the head-turning petite physique that sets her apart.

Did Lori Harvey Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Whether or not Lori Harvey underwent plastic surgery has been a topic of debate over time especially as she rocks some body features that conform to some society-defined beauty standards.

From her eye-popping curves to her voluptuous lips, all sitting on her petite frame, the 25-year-old’s beauty is indisputable.

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While speculations of her possibly undergoing surgical alterations to achieve these features have made the rounds for years, a solid confirmation remains non-existent.

In fact, Lori Harvey once addressed the plastic surgery rumors, taking to Instagram to set the record straight. Reacting to a comment from a fan who insinuated she got a Brazilian But Lift (BBL), the star wrote:

“Not y’all believing a TikTok video. I didn’t get a bbl or an s curve IDK where y’all got that info from. But it’s incorrect.”

Despite her effort to clear the air, some fans remained adamant that the model’s response was vague. According to them, she only implied she never had a BBL or S curve, which meant she may have undergone other forms of surgical enhancement.

However, seeing as the star remains mum on the subject, one can safely believe she inherited her curves and natural beauty from her mom.

Who Is Lori Harvey’s Biological Dad?

Like her history of plastic surgery, the identity of Lori Harvey’s biological father remains unclear. Although famously referred to as Steve Harvey’s daughter, the comedian is in fact her adoptive dad.

“The Steve Harvey Show” star adopted the model and her siblings following his marriage to Marjorie. Prior to that, Marjorie was married to a man named Jim Townsend, dad to her older kids.

However, Townsend was serving time in prison when Lori came into the world, making it unlikely for him to be her real dad.

Some believe Donnell Woods, who dated Marjorie around that time, to be Lori Harvey’s biological dad. Whatever story lies behind the mystery, it appears the model only recognizes and accepts one person as her dad – Steve Harvey.

What Is Lori Harvey’s Net Worth?

Lori Harvey has a net worth of $1 million, earned through her career as a model. Aside from snagging minor modeling gigs since she was three, the icon began her career professionally after signing with LA Models and the Europe-based Select Model Management.

As a model, she has walked the runway for top brands like Dolce & Gabbana at the Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks.

Outside modeling, Harvey once pursued a career as an equestrian but abandoned those dreams after sustaining an injury. Lori Harvey has also embraced entrepreneurship, and is the founder of SKN Beauty, shooting her to the height of her career success.

What Is Lori Harvey’s Body Count?

Lori Harvey has an impressive body count, having dated a handful of public figures comprising rappers, actors, and athletes.

Some of her most publicized romances include relationships with Michael B. Jordan and footballer Memphis Depay. She also had flings with Trey Songz, Future, Abou Thiam, Lewis Hamilton, Justin Combs, and his dad Diddy Combs.

Given her recent split from Jordan, fans watch in anticipation as the model gears up to put herself out there again. Hopefully, she would find the right one to pursue a more meaningful relationship with that could last a lifetime.

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