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A Brief Unveiling of Men Who Dated Halle Berry

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One of her generation’s most coveted and beautiful actresses, let’s take a look at the lucky men who dated Halle Berry? 

When listing actresses with beauty and talent, look no further than Halle Berry. Regarded as one of the most beautiful actresses of her generation, Berry first rose to prominence as a model.

As a teenager, Berry reached the final in national beauty pageants. Afterward, she began working as a model before transitioning into movies. Berry started acting on television in 1989. 

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Who dated Halle Berry
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She starred in the movie “Jungle Fever” in 1989 and then in “Boomerang” alongside Eddie Murphy. Berry started getting noticed due to her roles in the movies, and in 1995 she starred in the film “Losing Isiah.”

Berry’s big break in the movie industry came in 1999 when she portrayed film star Dorothy Dandridge in the television film “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.” her performance earned her Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. 

She also became the first African-American nominated for an Oscar award in the best actress category. In 2001 Berry became the first African American to win the Academy Award for best actress. 

She earned the award for her brilliant performance as Leticia Musgrove in the film “Monster’s Ball.” The actress has since starred in a lot of top-rated movies, including “X-Men,” “Swordfish,” “Die Another Day,” “Catwoman,” and “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.” 

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Away from the screen, the actress has managed to keep her private life mainly away from the media. The beautiful actress is also one of the famous people living frugal lives. 

Due to her stunning looks, Berry’s romantic life has always interested her fans. So below, we’ll look at the lucky men who dated Halle Berry.

Danny Wood 

During the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, Berry dated “New Kids On The Block” member Danny Wood. At the time, Berry was still an upcoming actress in the industry. Nevertheless, she and Wood were pictured acting loved up multiple times by the media. 

Halle Berry and Danny Wood
Image: Pinterest

Unfortunately, it looked like their romance only lasted for a couple of months. Still, at that time, they looked like the perfect couple. Wood is the first popular guy who dated Halle Berry.

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Christopher Williams

During the early ‘90s, Berry dated R&B singer Christopher Williams. The two were seemingly very much in love with one another and had a serious relationship. However, after almost one year of dating, the pair ended their romance.

Christopher Williams and Halle Berry
Image: Pinterest

After their separation, rumors swirled that someone Berry was dating had physically hurt her. The actress also reportedly lost some hearing in her ear. Years later, in 2004, Williams refuted reports that suggested he was the one who had hurt Berry.

The singer declared that the media’s words about him and Berry were false. He then accused actor Wesley Snipes as the culprit who busted Berry’s ears. However, Berry has not named her abuser or confirmed Williams’ words.

David Justice

After dating for a while, Berry married baseball player David Justice in 1993. Justice, who has played for the Atlanta Braves and Cleveland Indians, became Berry’s first husband.

David Justice and Halle Berry
Image: Pinterest

Although the pair looked like the perfect couple during the early stages of their marriage, it didn’t last. Sadly, after four years of marriage, they divorced in 1997. At the time, rumors swirled that Justice abused Berry during their marriage.

However, the player who has won two World Series pennants defended himself, saying he never hit the actress. 

Shemar Moore 

After her relationship with Justice ended, Berry dated actor Shemar Moore. The two Tv stars fell in love with each other, and Moore even disclosed he fell hard for Berry. But, according to him, the pair had to keep their relationship secretive to avoid massive media attention.

Shemar Moore and Halle Berry
Image: Pinterest

Unfortunately, their romance didn’t turn into anything serious. They separated after dating for just a couple of months. Speaking on their fling, Shemar admitted he was smitten with Berry because they had much in common.

Eric Benet

In 2001 Berry got married for the second time to R&B singer Eric Benet. A year after tying the knot, Benet attended the Oscar ceremony where Berry won her maiden award. After the ceremony, the two posed on the red carpet and even kissed to the photographers’ delight.

Eric Benet and Halle Berry
Image: Pinterest

Sadly, just like her first marriage, Berry’s relationship with Benet didn’t last long either. The couple divorced in 2005 after the singer admitted to cheating on Berry. Speaking to Oprah Winfrey after their divorce, Berry admitted that Benet’s affair broke her heart.

The actress disclosed her ex-husband’s affairs led her to an emotional breakdown. Berry also revealed she knew it was not her fault that Benet decided to cheat. They finalized their divorce in 2005.

Michael Ealy

Berry and “Think Like A Man” star Michael Ealy dated in 2004. The pair met when they co-starred in the movie “Their Eyes Were Watching God.” Although they had a deep relationship, it lasted very shortly.

Michael Ealy and Halle Berry
Image: Pinterest

The two separated on good terms, and they remained friends afterward. But, according to Berry, she broke things off with Ealy because she felt it would be okay to be on her own.

Gabriel Aubry

Months after her romance with Ealy ended, Berry started a relationship with Canadian model Gabriel Aubry. The pair had met at a Versace photoshoot. In March 2008, Berry gave birth to their daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry. Although they weren’t married, the two remained committed to each other.

Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry
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However, two years after the birth of their child, Berry and Aubry separated. They also took each other to court over the custody of their child. It took till 2014 before they reached an amicable agreement with Berry paying him $16,000 in child support. Aubry became the only one who dated Halle Berry that long without marrying her.

Olivier Martinez

After splitting from Aubry, Berry started dating French-born actor Olivier Martinez. The two would later get engaged in March 2012 before exchanging marital vows on July 13, 2013.

Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry
Image: Pinterest

Three months after tying the knot, Berry gave birth to their child Maceo Robert Martinez. However, like her two previous marriages, this also ended in a divorce. Berry and Martinez announced their split in 2015 and finalized their divorce in 2016.

Van Hunt

Berry is currently dating songwriter and singer Van Hunt. The actress teased her fans for a couple of months before finally unveiling her beau in August 2020 by posting a picture of the two. A month later, the actress confirmed their relationship on Instagram.

According to reports, their relationship got deep after dating for months, and Berry considered Hunt a loving and caring man. Berry and Hunt would make their official red carpet debut at the 2021 Academy Awards.

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