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How Much Is Kelly Clarkson Worth? A Look at Her Career Journey

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The question of how much Kelly Clarkson is worth remains an icebreaker when taking a dive into the star’s career.

Kelly Clarkson might be ready to give up her seat on “The Voice,” following an eight-season run, but she is making it clear she has no intention of losing her voice just yet. Barely a month after announcing her exit from her role as a judge on the competition show, the star stunned the world with the release of her new “Kellyoke” EP.

This latest hit is just one of the many money-minting ventures the TV personality has going on for her. With numerous ventures up her sleeves, it comes as no surprise that the songstress has a steady cash flow culminating in a vast financial empire. So how much is Kelly Clarkson worth today?

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How Much Is Kelly Clarkson Worth?

As of June 2022, Kelly Clarkson has a whopping net worth of $45 million, per Celebrity Net Worth. She amassed this figure even before turning forty, ranking her among successful women in showbiz.

The 40-year-old is a talented woman, venturing into various careers like singing, songwriting, and reality TV in the last decade. These entertainment ventures have jointly contributed to how much Kelly Clarkson is worth today.

How Much Is Kelly Clarkson Worth As A Singer?

Kelly Clarkson launched to fame following her appearance on the first season of the reality competition show, “American Idol” in 2001. But before that, the Texas native already got her start in music, recording several demo reels following her college graduation.

She sent out some of these reels to various record labels, gaining some stipends in return while working odd jobs. After turning down several recording contracts in Texas, the songstress eventually moved to Los Angeles in hopes of better opportunities.

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Following several fruitless trials to nab a record deal in LA, Clarkson returned to her hometown, eventually signing up for “American Idol.”

Upon winning the show in 2002, the star signed a deal with RCA Records. She eventually released her debut single “A Moment Like This” which peaked at no 1 on Billboard Hot 100 and became the top-selling album in the US.

She spent the years that followed attaining more success in the music industry thanks to her amazing tracks and albums. Some of her famous works include “Miss Independent,” from her debut album, “Thankful,” “Since U Been Gone,” from “Breakaway,” and “What Doesn’t Kill You,” from her Grammy-Winning album, “Stronger.”

Today, Clarkson boasts of at least 23 albums, all of which attained success in the industry. Throughout her career, she has sold up to 25 million albums and 45 million singles, making at least $3 million from each album released under RCA records.

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How Much Does She Make From Touring?

Kelly Clarkson has also garnered a substantial amount through her music tours. Records show the “Gone” crooner has amassed up to $60.5 million on tours alone. In fact, her “Meaning Of Life” tour alone racked up $17.5 million in 2019.

How Much Is Kelly Clarkson Worth As An Actress And TV Career?

Like most celebrities, Kelly Clarkson branched into other fields in the entertainment industry at some point. She made her acting debut towards the start of her career, landing her first major acting role in the 2003 film “From Justin To Kelly.”

The 40-year-old also has some voice acting credits in animations like “Trolls World Tour,” and “The Voice.”

Outside her film career, Clarkson made a name for herself in television, appearing in TV Shows like “The Voice” and later seasons of “American Idol.” Additionally, the crooner hosted the “Billboard Music Awards,” from 2018-2020, and runs her own show “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

The award-winning entertainer reportedly earns $14 million per season of “The Voice,” and about $1 million a month from “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

How Much Is Kelly Clarkson Worth As A Children’s Book Author?

Kelly Clarkson proved herself a fountain of talent once again when she released a children’s book in 2016. The book, titled “River Rose And The Magical Lullaby,” was reportedly inspired by her daughter.

While the exact figure the venture generated is unclear, it certainly was successful enough to inspire a second release the next year titled “River Rose And The Magical Christmas.”

Her Profitable Endorsement Deals

Throughout her career, Kelly Clarkson has partnered with several giants in the cosmetics, beverages and tech industries. Her lovable persona contributes to making her a desirable choice as a company’s ambassador or partner.

Notably, the multitalented woman became the first-ever ambassador of the furniture company, Wayfair in 2020. Collaborating with the company, she has launched several furniture and decor collections, eventually launching the Kelly Clarkson Home Collection in 2021.

Other companies linked to her include Amazon, Toyota, NASCAR, Candie’s, Ford, Apple, Citizen, Proactive and Norwegian Cruise Lines. These deals contribute substantially to Kelly Clarkson’s total net worth.

How Much Is Clarkson’s Real Estate Worth?

Clarkson has acquired several real estate holdings in the United States since her rise to fame. In 2018, she purchased a 10000-square-foot estate in California for $8.5 million. However, the property investment did not pay off, as she sold it at a loss in 2021 for $8.6 million.

Additionally, Clarkson boasts of a $5.5 million mansion in Los Angeles, where she resides with her kids. The star also owns a 275-acre ranch in Montana.

Clarkson’s Personal Life Affects Her Net Worth

Kelly Clarkson tied the knot with Brandon Backstock in October 2013, nine months after their engagement. The duo welcomed two children including daughters River Rose Blackstock and Remington Alexander Blackstock born 2014 and 2016 respectively.

Sadly, the marriage ended in divorce in June 2021, giving rise to a heated post-divorce drama. Although the singer ended up with primary custody of her kids, the divorce took a toll on her finances.

Following their back and forth court battle, Kelly was ordered to pay her ex-husband $115,000 in support per month until January 2024.

Additionally, she is expected to pay Blackstock $45,000 in monthly child support until their kids turned 18, and a one-time lump sum of $1.3 million. Meanwhile, the agreement allows the mother of two to keep all her assets and remain the primary custodian to her kids.

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