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Mekbul Timmer: The Life and Death of Jeff Timmer’s Adopted Son

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We were all left devastated when Jeff and Mattie took to Twitter to confirm the death of their adopted son Mekbul Timmer. Here’s a look at his life and death.

Jeff Timmer is well known for his stand as a political activist and family man, however, 2022 leaves him and his family in grief as they lose their youngest son, Mekbul Timmer. Jeff and his wife Mattie had adopted Mekbul, an Ethiopian beautiful boy earlier in 2014 when he was 11. They, like every other parent, were looking forward to watching their son grow, however, their dreams were cut short. Mekbul died in March 2022, a month before his 19th birthday. This left his adoptive parents, siblings, friends, and relatives devastated. They all had one wish, that he stayed longer.

Who Was Mekbul Timmer?

Mekbul Timmer is the adopted son of Jeff and Mattie Timmer. He was the youngest child in his adoptive family. Mek as he was fondly called, was adopted by Jeff Timmer and his wife in 2014. Mekbul was so happy and willing to be part of his new family after losing his mother and grandmother. 

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Grace Timmer with young Mekbul (Source: Instagram@gracetimmer)

He was a student of St. Patrick’s School, a high school located in Portland, Michigan. However, we do not have information to verify if he was yet a senior in St. Patrick at the time of his death. He was also an athlete in soccer and a straight-A student in school, excelling in English and Maths. Mekbul had a Facebook account with just one photo uploaded which gives us the impression that he was more into his books than social media. 

Mekbul’s addition to Jeff Timmers’s family seemed to have brought so much happiness to the family and everyone who came across Mekbul. His smile was one thing everyone was so fond of. It was a smile individuals have commented on as one they would never forget. It has been quite difficult for Jeff and his family to get over the loss. 

Mekbul Timmer’s Origin

Mekbul Timmer was born in the bustling city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in April 2003 to his mother, Zeyneba Tesfaye. She loved him so much but sadly, she passed away in 2009. Nothing is known of his biological father. Mekbul was left in the care of his grandmother, Alemitu Kono who was a teacher. She too passed away in 2012.

Mekbul was taken in by Amarech Abate, a neighbor. However, Amarech’s resources were limited, and so Mekbul ended up in AHOPE for Children. He was taken care of by the foundation. It was here that Jeff and Mattie got to know of Mekbul and adopted him in 2014. It’s only sad that the joy both Mekbul and his adoptive parents came to share lasted only for a while.

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Jeff and Mattie Timmer, Mekbul’s Adoptive Parents.

Jeff Timmer, Mekbul Timmer’s adoptive father, is a political activist, a senior adviser on the Lincoln project, and is the co-founder of Republicans & Independents for Biden. 

Mekbul Timmer’s adoptive mother, Mattie Timmer, is a graduate of Michigan State University and president of Two Rivers Public Relations, a political consulting firm in Michigan.

Mekbul making a funny face (Source: Facebook@ Mekbul Timmer)

How Did Mekbul Timmer Die?

The cause of Mekbul Timmer’s death is yet to be revealed by his family. Despite drawing so much attention, there hasn’t been any known investigation carried out regarding his death either. 

Some individuals, however, claim that Mekbul died in a car accident. It’s no doubt, however, that the reclusive attitude of Jeff’s family regarding Mekbul’s death has made it quite mysterious.

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Mekbul’s Half-Siblings

After his adoption, Mekbul became a  brother to  Maggie, Grace, Mary, and Joe. He was the youngest of all Jeff Timmer’s children.

Loved Even in Death

It was clear to us how much Mekbul was loved by his family, and even in death they still do so greatly. Mattie and Jeff have shared how much his loss affects them. They have also shared his pictures on their social media handle at intervals with captions on how much he was loved and missed. 

A million condolence messages have been poured in over time toward Jeff and his family. Mekbul was greatly loved, no doubt. 

His sister Maggie reportedly got a tattoo on her biceps in honor of her late brother, Mekbul. Mekbul’s Memorial Service was held at the Portland High School Auditorium, celebrated by Deacon Don Sobolewski on the 20th of March, 2022. 

Mekbul and his siblings Maggie, Grace, Mary, and Joe (source: Facebook@ Grace Timmer)

All donations received were directed to the AHOPE for children foundation in honor of Mekbul. An obituary website was created for him. Mekbul was truly loved by all who he came across. 
Mekbul Timmer’s death isn’t the only one without many details on the cause. Bob Sagat, an adult-oriented comedian is another fellow who died unexpectedly and without any known cause when he was actually in a good place in life

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