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Jeff Timmer Son’s Death: How the Tragic Loss Shook The Family

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Jeff Timmer’s son’s death shook the family but taught him and his wife a valuable lesson and left them with a message for other parents. 

Jeff Timmer’s son’s death took everyone, especially his immediate family, by surprise. The grieving father broke the news himself, thereby confirming it as truth, to the public on March 7, 2022. 

Mekbul Timmer, Jeff Timmer's Son
Image: Mattie Timmer/Twitter

The Tragic Loss of Jeff Timmer’s Son

On March 7, 2022, a statement from Timmer and his wife Mattie was released by the Lincoln Project. It was about the death of one of their sons, Mekbul Timmer. 

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The statement read:

“We are devastated by the tragic death of our youngest child. Mekbul Timmer was a high school senior and loved and admired by everyone who knew him. Please just love your kids and those close to you.”

The caption that followed the statement urged members of the public to respect the family’s privacy as they dealt with the grief of losing a son. 

Hours after the statement was shared, Timmer took to his Twitter page to talk about his grief. 

He revealed he was dealing with the grief by seeing a grief therapist, then stated that he had been advised to spend as much time doing things he would normally do. 

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His son’s cause of death was not immediately disclosed. 

How People Reacted to Jeff Timmer’s Son’s Death

Mekbul Timmer is Jeff Timmer second son. Aside from him, Timmer has two other kids, Grace and Joe, whom he shares with his wife. 

Unfortunately, this does not mean he can be replaced or easily forgotten, especially by those whose lives he touched.

Jeff Timmer's Son Mekbul Timmer and Family
Image: Jeff Timmer/Twitter

When news of his death circulated, there was an outpour of grief from netizens. One friend wrote on her page,

“I miss his beaming smile and daily laughter at school. Cherishing fun memories of his wit and charm in class. I only saw him a few seconds a day this year, but his smile was always beaming and contagious! Love to your family.”

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Another friend called Mekbul a “beautiful soul” with a beautiful smile who would be missed by many. Many who grieved talked about his smile, they all promised never to forget it or Mekbul.

His parents felt all the love and were compelled to address it. Jeff Timer’s wife, Mattie, wrote in a Twitter post:

“The outpouring of love and sympathy we have received are giving us the moments of grace we need to navigate this unspeakable grief. To everyone who has reached out to us in any small way, we thank you.”

Jeff Timmer shared a picture of Mekbul after his death via Facebook and so did his wife, Mattie Timmer. They both left no captions however the silence spoke loudly; he will be missed.

Jeff Timmer's Son Mekbul Timmer
Image: Jeff Timmer/Facebook

What Caused Jeff Timmer’s Son’s Death? 

There are no confirmed reports of what caused Mekbul’s death. However, a popular rumor claims that he passed in an accident. 

According to the rumor, he had a head-on collision with another vehicle on a Tuesday morning. 

His body was discovered by his friends, who had gone searching for him because he didn’t show up for work as he usually did. 

Who is Jeff Timmer?

Jeff Timmer is a senior advisor to the Lincoln Project, an American political action committee put together towards the end of 2019. 

Image: Pinterest

The core members were former Republicans and Timmer only started his work there in March 2020. Their sole objective upon its creation was to hinder Donald’s Trump reelection during the 2020 presidential elections. 

Timmer, who graduated from Michigan State University, is also known as the co-founder of Republicans and Independents for Biden. 

The group’s main goal was to support Biden. 

On the Lincoln Project’s website, Timer is described as a writer, pundit, redistricting expert, and former executive director of the Michigan Republican Party turned Independent. 

He also owns a podcast on Apple podcasts called “A Republic, If You Can Keep It.” 

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