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The Mysterious Life and Death of Bob Saget: The Rise of a Comedy Legend

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Bob Saget rose to fame as a live performer, known for his adult-oriented comedy. While he was notably at a good place in his career before his death, the icon’s life was not always smooth-sailing.

Not every success story begins and ends like Bob Saget’s. In fact, the comedy genius, who passed away in January 2022 would forever live on in people’s hearts, bringing joy and happiness.

Such was his legacy while on earth. The Philadelphia-born comedian notably tapped into his childhood hobby of entertaining people with funny jokes and made it into a career.

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Perhaps that explains his unmatched success in the field. But all that success did not come in a day. Rather, the entertainment icon gradually scaled through the turbulent waters of showbiz until he made it to the top.

Even at the peak of his career, where Saget seemed to have it all, life still dealt him some hard blows, including a failed marriage and the loss of two sisters he adored.

Yet, he kept these tragedies a mystery, somehow managing to harness them for good. Here’s a glimpse into Bob Saget’s life over the years, leading up to his death at 65.

Bob Saget’s Life Before fame

The comedian squeaked into the world on May 17 1956 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The son of Jewish parents Benjamin and Rosalyn Saget, he grew up in a Jewish household.

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His family moved to Norfolk, Virginia during his early life, and later to the Encino neighborhood of Los Angeles. While in LA, he met “The Three Stooge’s” Larry Fine and had the privilege of hearing several funny stories from him.

The star, who discovered his knack for comedy earlier as a rebellious student in Norfolk further honed his skills. Upon returning to Philadelphia for his senior year in High School the comedy genius caught the eyes of one of his teachers who recognized his talents.

He took his teacher’s advice, abandoned his quest to become a doctor, and proceeded to pursue a film career. He enrolled at Temple University’s film school, graduating with a Bachelor of art at twenty-two.

During his time at Temple University, the icon created the short film, “Through Adam’s Eyes,” which earned him the Student Academy Awards.

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The Health Crisis That Reshaped His Path

Following graduation, Saget attempted a post-graduate course but quit after a few days. The actor once described that phase of his life as a chaotic one, with him being a cocky, overweight 22 year old.

However, before things blew out of proportion, he experienced a death scare that saved his life and structured his goals. Saget recalled developing a gangrenous appendix, which required surgical removal.

The process nearly claimed his life, but the star emerged successfully, with a renewed outlook on life. According to him, he stopped being cocky and overweight following that procedure.

Taking On Showbiz

After the near-death experience, Saget kept making movies and pursuing his comedy career. He eventually landed his big break in the CBS daytime television show, “The Morning Program,” as a presenter.

Notably, those at the higher-ups didn’t like him, despite his epic performances. His initial excitement to work on the gig, albeit as a sidekick, kept him going despite knowing his days were numbered.

Sure enough, CBS fired him barely five months later, with his manager and an executive producer delivering the heartbreaking news. Saget would later claim the network fired him because they thought his comedy antics too “hot” for mornings.”

Luckily, he landed a new gig soon enough, becoming one of television’s most famous dads on the series, “Full House.” His role as family patriarch Danny Tanner made him a household name, skyrocketing him to superstardom.

A Blossoming Career

By 1990, he became the host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” another career-defining gig. Following his stint on “Full House,” Saget retraced his comedic roots, nurturing his career as a standup comedian known for his funny foul-mouthed materials.

In the decades that followed, Saget starred in several movies and shows including “Raising Dad,” “The Aristocrats,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and “Entourage.” 

He also hosted the game show, “1 vs 100.” In 2007, he created his own stand-up special, “Bob Saget: That Aint Right”

The icon went on to embrace Broadway, making his debut on “The Drowsy Chaperone.” His other credits include “Surviving Suburbia,” the comedy album “That’s What I’m Talking About,” and the “Full House” 2020 reboot titled “Fuller House.”

His Personal Life Also Flourished

In 1992, the comedy legend tied the knot with his first wife Sherri Kramer. The pair welcomed three daughters Aubrey, Lara Melanie, and Jennifer Belle. In 1997, the duo ended their marriage of fifteen years. The actor remained unmarried for the next two decades,

In 2018, Bob Saget made headlines with news of his marriage to “Eat Travel Rock” TV host Kelly Rizzo. The pair enjoyed marital bliss for the next three years.

Family Tragedies

Saget has been open about family tragedies that informed some of his life’s choices. Notably, the loss of his two elder sisters to dilapidating health conditions at young ages.

One of them, Andrea “Andi” Saget died at the age of 34 from a fatal aneurysm. The loss left the then-rising star emotionally distraught, regretting his inability to help her live a full life.

Years later, the family experienced another loss. This time, the actor’s sister Gay Saget died in 1994 from the autoimmune disease, Scleroderma. Her death at 47 came after battling the condition for years and receiving several disturbing misdiagnoses.

Again, Saget was plunged into grief, especially knowing an early diagnosis could have saved his beloved sister.

Becoming A Force For Good

Equipped with the right information, Saget decided to save as many as he could in honor of his sister. Driven by his own losses, he took on a mission to create awareness about Scleroderma, an autoimmune condition that affects up to 300,000 people within the population.

As part of his advocacy, he directed the 1996 film, “For Hope,” about a woman suffering from Scleroderma. In addition to creating his dream project, the icon became a board member of the Scleroderma Research Foundation.

So far, his projects have saved thousands of lives including “Scary Movie” actress Regina Hall. In December 2021, the icon reflected on his sister’s final years as her body slowly fell apart.

He also admitted that after his sister’s death, he could not sit and watch her fate befall anyone else. Hence his mission, which he deemed a homage to her and vowed to keep pursuing until his death.

Bob Died Weeks Later

Weeks after opening up about his sister’s demise, the entertainment icon lost his life while on tour. Orange County Sheriff’s deputies found the Hollywood legend unresponsive in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando.

Neither foul play nor drug use seemed to be factors in his sudden demise. Notably, the legend died on what would have been Gay’s 75th birthday.

His wife and kids released a statement announcing his loss on January 9, 2022. Having released a handful of comedy albums and movies, his works left behind, as well as his loving family would keep his legacy alive.

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