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Inside The Life Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Actor Moses J. Moseley: A Promising Career Cut Short By Death

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Actor Moses J. Moseley landed his big break on “The Walking Dead,” starring as a pet zombie. However, he left the world at the young age of 31, without getting the chance to reach the height of his career.

Best Known for his three-year run as a “walker” on “The Walking Dead,” Moses J. Moseley led an impactful life filled with promises. Sadly, his dreams and ambitions came to an abrupt halt following his sudden demise at the peak of his career.

Despite dying so young, the actor, who also gained prominence as a model, left a mark in the hearts of those closest to him. In fact, following his death, his co-stars, family, and friends left touching tributes in his honor, each reflecting on the impactful life of the young actor.

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Moses J. Mosley | Image: Instagram/mosesmoseley
Moses J. Mosley | Image: Instagram/mosesmoseley

Who Was Moses J. Moseley?

Moses J. Moseley was an actor, writer, and model, known for his appearances in movies like “Watchmen,” “Queen Of The South,” “Volumes Of Blood: Horror Stories,” and “The Walking Dead.”

The star was born on December 23, 1990, in Aiken, South Carolina. He attended Georgia State University, where he kicked off his acting career.

Having nurtured his interest in the arts since childhood, Moseley took stringent steps to achieve his dreams.

First, he worked towards a dramatic weight loss at the age of sixteen, shedding 150 pounds of his initial weight of 300lb. Once fit, he began his journey to stardom without looking back.

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Moses J. Mosley | Image: Instagram/mosesmoseley
Moses J. Mosley | Image: Instagram/mosesmoseley

A Career Geared Towards Greatness

With a weight of 150 pounds, a perfectly chiseled physique, and undeniable good looks, Moseley ventured into modeling. The path favored the actor thanks to his determination and prowess. 

He also pursued acting, landing his first role while still in college. The star was reportedly recruited unexpectedly after a college class in 2010 to become a cast member of “Joyful Noise” alongside Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton. He snagged the opportunity and didn’t disappoint.

That appearance exposed him to more acting gigs. The model landed his next role, albeit uncredited, on “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”

More gigs followed, including a role in the superhero film, “Watchmen,” USA Network’s “Queen Of The South,” and “The Internship.” He eventually made his big break on “The Walking Dead” in 2012.

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Moses J. Mosley | Image: Instagram/mosesmoseley
Moses J. Mosley | Image: Instagram/mosesmoseley

Moseley went on to star in “BET Tales,” and BET’s  “American Soul,” all the while keeping his modeling career afloat.

Moseley On “The Walking Dead”

“The Walking Dead,” remains Moses J. Moseley’s most notable movie appearance to date. The icon starred as one of Michonne’s jaw-less pet zombies following her around in the AMC horror drama from 2012 to 2015.

While his character never spoke in the series, he remained a constant fixture, constantly associated with the lead character, Michonne.

Moses J. Moseley pose for the cover of Rolling Stonealongside "The Walking Dead" co-stars | Image: Instagram/mosesmoseley
Moses J. Moseley pose for the cover of Rolling Stone alongside “The Walking Dead” co-stars | Image: Instagram/mosesmoseley

His part in the AMC horror flick opened doors for him, especially in the horror genre. He reportedly had three horror movies in the works and a part in the short film, “Cadillac Respect” before his demise.

How Did Moses J. Moseley Die?

On Wednesday, 26 January 2002, police officers found Moseley’s body in the Hudson Bridge area of Stockbridge. They discovered Moses J. Moseley dead in his vehicle with a gunshot wound believed to be his cause of death.

However, details about how the actor ended up on the bridge or who pulled the trigger remain unclear. Officers suspect the actor’s death as a possible suicide, but the incident remains under investigation. He was 31.

In tribute To An Icon

Moses J. Moseley’s death at the peak of his career cast a shadow over family, friends, and co-stars who knew him during his short life.

Many took to various media platforms to pay him tribute, dishing out words that proved he lived a remarkable life.

His manager Tabatha Minchew revealed the young actor had a great personality that made everyone love him. He also noted that the late actor treated everyone around him, including fans, with the same love and respect.

“The Walking Dead” official Twitter account also remembered the star in a heartfelt tribute, extending prayers to his family.

Reflecting on Moseley’s life on earth, The Avery Sisters Entertainment said he was the kindest, sweetest, and most generous person one could meet. They went on to describe him as an amazing person.

Cast members from the AMC series also joined the emotional outpouring on Twitter, each singing odes to the lost star. Moseley’s death at such a young age certainly robbed the world of a talented icon and a legend in the making.

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