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Alicia Witt’s Parents Were Found Dead in Their Home: Inside the Actress’ Family Life and Relationship with the Late Couple

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Alicia Witt’s parents, Diane and Robert Witt passed away in their Massachusetts home in December 2021, leaving no hints as to how they died.

The death of actress Alicia Witt’s parents was a mysterious affair that left many questions lingering as the year 2021 rapidly scaled to an end.

While the demise of the elderly couple may be linked to a variety of reasons, investigations so far have proven inconclusive.

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This in itself has posed more unanswered questions, especially as netizens are in stitches, trying to figure out how the actress, who reportedly had a great relationship with her parents left them in questionable living conditions. Worse still, their bodies went undiscovered long after their deaths.

Alicia Witt and her parents | Image: Instagram/dstarnewsusa
Alicia Witt and her parents | Image: Instagram/dstarnewsusa

So who exactly is Alicia Witt and what do we know about her parents, their lives, and their relationship with the actress?

The Death of Alicia Witt’s Parents Remains A Mystery

Alicia Witt’s Parents Robert, 87, and Diane Witt, 75, spent their last days together in their home in Sussex Lane, Massachusetts. The pair died as they lived: A lonely couple, with only each other to keep them company as they slowly passed according to neighbors.

While it remains unclear how these two lovebirds reached their ends, a neighbor believes they died side-by-side, just as they lived.

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Police discovered the twosome dead at about 9:15 p.m. on Monday, December 20, after a relative asked them to accompany him on a wellness check.

Investigators found no evidence of foul play. Additionally, noxious gasses were not found in the couple’s home which ruled out the possibility of gas poisoning.

Other factors like the freezing temperatures, the dilapidated state of the building, a malfunctioning furnace, and a borrowed space heater, which is a known health hazard, may have contributed to their deaths.

Records also show the couple had compromised immune systems and underlying health conditions. But none of these explains the mystery behind their same-day deaths.

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Alicia Witt Speaks Up

As the investigations into the couple’s demise proceeded, several neighbors had their fill speaking to the cops and divulging details to the press.

Many described the pair as a private, kind-hearted couple, who were proud of their daughter’s achievements. The two resided in a home that was falling apart and in dire need of repairs.

Yet, they declined their neighbor’s attempts to lend a helping hand in fixing those damages. However, none could explain why the duo chose their somewhat frugal lifestyle despite having a celebrity for a daughter.

As the tension surrounding the deaths grew, Alicia released a statement on Tuesday, December 21, 2021. She explained how she always kept in touch with her parents until those last hours when she was unable to reach them over the phone.

Worried, she implored a cousin to check on them, which led to the discovery. The star described the incident as a surreal loss, admitting she was unable to wrap her head around it.

The 46-year-old also asked for privacy as the family dealt with the loss of her parents, Robert and Diane.

Who Were Alicia Witt’s Parents?

While it has proven a difficult task to figure out what caused the death of Alicia’s parents, a quick dive into their lives and their family can unveil helpful details.

Robert and Diane Witt, aged 87 and 75 respectively were parents to actress Alicia Witt, famous for movies such as “The Walking Dead.”

The duo spent their years living together in Worcester, Massachusetts, successfully raising their two children, Alicia and Ian into remarkable adults.

Robert Witt

Alicia’s dad Robert Witt was the able patriarch of their close-knit family. During his life, he made a living as a science teacher, and also practiced photography.

The 87-year-old seemed to have a good relationship with his kids. In one of her Instagram posts on Father’s day 2021, the actress described her dad as amazing, wise, hilarious, and curious.

She also tagged him as the greatest teacher, accompanying the post with a photo of them together. Court documents showed the former photographer was diagnosed with cancer earlier and spent his last moments confined to his home as per doctors’ orders to avoid the risk of COVID-19.

Diane Witt

Alicia aand Diane Witt | Image: Instagram/dstarnewsusa
Alicia and Diane Witt | Image: Instagram/dstarnewsusa

The family matriarch Diane Witt, nee Pietro, worked as a junior high school reading teacher for years before retiring. Interestingly, the late mother of two had a subtle brush with fame from 1989 to 1996 when the Guinness Book Of World Records named her longest hair ever.

She relished her prized 10-foot locks and once gushed about catching a fish with her hair by dangling a worm at the tip. Rapunzel certainly never thought of this one.

In addition to her role as a mom, a teacher, and a record-breaker, Diane also carved out time to push her daughter’s career to greater heights.

Alicia gives her mom the credit for teaching her acting at an early age, serving as her manager in her childhood, and ensuring she was positioned in the best places to expose her to more opportunities.

According to reports, Diane developed severe health conditions including difficulty with communication, problems with memory, sleeping congestion, and nosebleeds after their Sussex Lane home was damaged by an ice storm in 2008.

Ian Witt

Ian Witt is one of the couple’s two children and their only son, born in 1978. Like his older sister, Ian Witt kicked off a career in the world of showbiz, but opted for a more private life along the way, staying out of the spotlight. In 1991, he starred alongside Alicia in the film “Liebestraum.”

As the youngest child of Robert and Diane, his parents encouraged him to pursue the creative arts and guided him through it, hence his career choices. Ian’s debut movie remains the 1994 film, “Fun.”

Alicia Witt

Alicia Witt is an actress, born in August 1975, in Worcester Massachusetts. She shot to fame as a child actress, after being discovered by director David Lynch and landing her roles on “Dune” and “Twin Peaks.”

She went on to obtain her high school degree at fourteen, before turning her focus to her burgeoning career. Some of her most iconic roles include “The Walking Dead,” “Two Weeks Notice,” “The Exorcist,” and “Cybill” among others.

Additionally, the star tried her hands in music, becoming a professional singer with albums like “Alicia Witt,” and “Live At Rockwood.”

As the actress and singer walk through this phase of grief, one could only pray she finds comfort, solace, and fortitude to emerge on the other side a stronger woman.

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