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Jessica Simpson lost 100lb in 6 Months: Inside Her Weight Loss Journey

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While her rise to fame and fortune has been a tough ride, Jessica Simpson experienced greater battles in her personal life, most especially, her struggle with weight fluctuations and body shamers.

Singer Jessica Simpson made a name for herself, not only as an entertainment giant, but also one of the greatest women in business thanks to her clothing line.

Alongside her career pursuits, the Hollywood icon became reputable for her body evolution, major online body-shaming, and somewhat magical body transformation.

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Notwithstanding, the songstress and entrepreneur would not trade that phase of her life for anything else, as it represented the birth of her three children.

She emerged from her daunting struggle as a mom-of-three in one piece, shunned body shamers, and proved that a woman can have it all.

The Mom-Jeans Saga

Through her rise to stardom, one key moment has particularly stood out in Simpson’s life: the mom jeans saga.  

The reality star admitted that her moment of body-shaming remained imprinted in her memory. It happened in 2009 when the star hit the stage in a pair of high-waisted jeans and a tank top.

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Many thought the outfit most unflattering and did not hesitate to voice it out. Heated comments from trolls body-shaming the 40-year-old and describing her clothes as mom-jeans flooded the internet. Simpson famously admitted the moment broke her heart.

She referenced the daunting moment in her memoir titled, “Open Book.” In the chapter rightly termed “Death By Mom Jeans,” she offered insight into the effect of body-shaming on her body image and self-esteem.

Jessica Simpson | Image: Pinterest
Jessica Simpson | Image: Pinterest

She recalled beating herself up constantly for being fat. As open dialogues about body positivity became widespread, that phase turned into a force for good, gaining her overwhelming support and making her a voice to those living through similar situations.

Ultimately, the incident drew attention to the entrepreneur’s weight as she gracefully threaded through the years until she attained her body goals.

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Jessica Simpson’s Weight Loss Journey

Like her numerous career ventures, wardrobe, and hair color, the reality star’s body has evolved over time.

From her fabulous figure as a nineteen-year-old showbiz newbie to her steaming hot physique on “The Duke Of Hazzard,” and finally her fluctuating mom-bud since embracing motherhood, Simpson’s body evolution has been an incredible journey.

Little wonder questions seeking how Jessica Simpson lost weight or what the actress ate to lose weight keep popping up on search engines.

Motherhood Journey And Weight Struggles

Like most women, the major tipping point in Jessica Simpson’s weight struggles has been every time she conceived. 

News of her first pregnancy, years after her mom-jeans saga, brought its fair share of challenges. Many took to social media to troll the star over her weight gain following the birth of her daughter, Maxwell in 2012.

However, she shunned the trolls and lost 60 pounds in 5 months, almost regaining her post-baby body. Ultimately, she became a spokesperson for Weight Watchers.

A year later, the songstress, who made it clear to the world she was no supermodel, but simply a mom trying to stay healthy for her child took in again.

She bore her son Ace in 2013 and like before, gained weight and attracted internet trolls. The icon worked her magic again and got back in shape in no time.

Tipping The Scales

However, Jessica Simpson, the “I Wanna Love You Forever” crooner almost broke the internet in 2019 when she announced she lost 100lbs in six months following the birth of her third child, Birdie Mae.

She showed off the results shortly after in a Christmas photo of herself rocking a svelte holiday-pattern jumpsuit and red pants pulled down to her knees. The photo left fans praising the mom of three for being the ideal definition of “fitness goals, ” just months after tipping the scales at 240lbs.

Since then, many have been digging through the web in search of Jessica Simpson’s fitness secrets aside from her obvious affiliation to Weight Watchers. Of course, there is always something to find.

Everything Jessica Simpson Did to lose Weight

While her weight loss journey has seemed somewhat magical in the face of the observing public, the mother of three notably put in the extra work to achieve her body goals. 

Luckily, the “These Boots Are Made For Walking” crooner has not been mum about it, but has shared tips to lead others in the right direction. Trust Jessica Simpson’s weight loss tips to be as priceless as her quality shoes.

1. Walking 14,000 Steps Daily

Simpson’s weight loss surprisingly did not come about by fad diets or strict routines. Rather, for her, losing weight was as simple as walking. Her fitness trainer Harley Pasternak admittedly eased her into the walking habit starting from 6,000 steps a day.

She gradually switched it up to 14000 steps daily which became a major contributor to Jessica Simpson’s stunning weight loss.

2. The Body Reset Diet

Simpson adopted an eating routine from “The Body Reset Diet,” which involved eating three main meals and two snacks a day. The plan worked wonders for the reality star.

3. Detaching From Technology For An Hour

Pasternak once revealed in an interview that unplugging from technology for at least one hour each day was a part of Jessica Simpson’s weight loss efforts.

That meant getting rid of phones, tabs, laptops, desktops, and the likes throughout the duration. The move helped her get restful sleep, ultimately helping her shed the extra pounds and attain fitness.

4. Hitting The Gym

Throughout her journey, Simpson had two trainers, including Pasternak and Sidney Liebes. Perhaps that extra push helped her remain focused on her goals.

Her routine included 45 minutes workout sessions, three days a week. Sydney admitted to being impressed by her determination and overall transformation, which said a lot coming from a world-class trainer with a wealth of experience.

5. Sleeping For Seven Hours

Simpson’s body transformation proved our moms were right after all for stressing the importance of sleep in one’s overall wellbeing.

Pasternak once revealed the actress always clocked in for the night after completing all five tasks and sending her an email confirmation. That helped the star go to bed feeling successful and fulfilled.

Meanwhile, the final task of the day was ensuring she got at least seven hours of healthy, continuous sleep at night. The practice enabled her to take on the next day feeling energized and ready to face anything the world threw at her.

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