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Home Entertainment Cookbook Authur, Ayesha Curry’s Tips on Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle

Cookbook Authur, Ayesha Curry’s Tips on Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle

Cookbook Authur, Ayesha Curry’s Tips on Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle

Cooking television personality, Ayesha Disa Curry rose to fame through her cooking skills. Today, the cookbook author is sharing tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Ayesha Disa Curry made the most of the 2020 global COVID-19 outbreak and has a drop-dead figure to show for it. In May 2020, the 31-year-old mother of three took to Instagram to reveal she lost 35 pounds during her quarantine period.

The revelation accompanied by a photo of herself in a two-piece swimsuit showing off her toned physique left many in awe of her accomplishment. Following the feat, the restauranteur collaborated with Fitbit Premium to share details of her fitness journey through the lockdown.

The Fitbit Premium summer series features easy but effective workout videos, nutrition and fitness tips, and delicious recipes targeted at losing weight and maintaining a trim figure and a healthy lifestyle.


The author, who is married to NBA player, Stephen Curry, used the Fitbit Premium series to offer tips on healthy living habits to subscribers.

Her first mention was notably the use of simple equipment to stay active. Curry recommended two and three-pound weights, resistance bands, and a mat. A bench or chair would also come in handy.

Explaining her daily routine coined into her healthy lifestyle, the 31-year-old revealed she took a cup of coffee mixed with Ghee and coconut oil. Water was also something she never left out of her routine. She told Yahoo Canada Lifestyle that every day by noon, she strives to complete an intake of 32 ounces of water flavored with lemons and cucumbers.

For her active workouts, Fitbit Premium was admittedly Curry’s go-to handbook. She disclosed that thanks to Fitbit Premium’s regimen, she never fell off track. Going further, the icon added that their workout content was applicable for on-the-go and at-home workouts.

Ayesha Curry went on to establish that green veggies were an essential aspect of her family’s meal plan. In addition, the star stressed the importance of adequate sleep in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and losing the extra pounds.

Through her workout routine, Ayesha Curry’s husband, Stephen, stayed by her side to make the process fun. Along with their kids, they pass the time doing activities like outdoor biking and joint workout sessions. Staying healthy has never been more fun!


Ayesha Curry made her first television appearance at age twelve, as Suga Prince’s love interest in his “Too Young To Love” music video. Several years later, she made several film appearances, putting her in the spotlights.

In 2011, the actress married her childhood sweetheart, Steph, who was at the peak of his NBA career. Her increasing popularity led the icon to try her hands on her long-time culinary interest which she developed in her childhood.

Eventually, she set up her food blog, followed by a YouTube channel; both centered on her cooking techniques. The channel soon garnered public interest, leading to her first cooking show. The Food Network show went off-air after 13 episodes. During this time, the icon established her company, Little Lights of Mine.

Ayesha partnered with Chef Michael Mina, to release her first-ever cookbook titled, “The Seasoned Life” in 2016. She went on to star in another cooking show, Ayesha’s Homemade. Ayesha Curry’s cooking show ran for six episodes, following the chef’s professional and personal life. A second season, “Ayesha’s Home Kitchen,” also followed the success of the prequel.

Despite not having any professional cooking qualification, Curry fast became one of the most renowned chefs on TV. She was a co-host in “The Great American Baking Show” for three seasons.

In addition, the cookbook author has a growing string of restaurants alongside Chef Mina. Their jointly owned restaurant, The Mina/Curry International Smoke restaurant, now has several branches across the United States.


Having attained success from scratch in a niche deemed a woman’s field, the cooking television personality now strives to help other women grow their cooking empires.

The kitchen goddess started a show “Fempire” in 2019 through which she shared advice and encouraging words to upcoming female entrepreneurs. During her course on the show, she had opportunities to meet different startup owners. So far, Curry’s efforts have helped many startups rise to the next level.

According to Ayesha Curry, “Fempire” was a women-helping-women venture aimed at helping female entrepreneurs turn their passions into a livelihood. 

So far, she has made positive impacts in businesses like Melanie’s Bakeshop, which almost saw its last days before Curry came to the rescue.