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8 Common Fashion Mistakes That Makes You Look Older

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No matter how great your facial features or curves are, failing to fit into the right set of clothing could mar your overall outlook. Yet, most people find themselves guilty of a handful of fashion mistakes that could compromise their appearance.

Fashion is more than just a combination of outfits. It is a way of making a statement with one’s looks, choosing how you want to be addressed, and ultimately, creating an overall impression of yourself to the world.

Hence, how the world perceives an individual is owed greatly to their fashion choices. Whether you appear thinner, bigger, plump, younger, or older depends on the features you choose to highlight when putting together an outfit.

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Fashion mistakes that make you look older | Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

One little slip during the deciding phase could make the difference between looking like a runway model in her twenties and a teenager-wanna-be grandma.

While it’s difficult to spot these potential fashion mishaps at a glance for a non-fashion-expert, some tips can prove helpful in preventing you from committing a blunder.

That said, here are eight fashion mistakes to avoid to prevent you from looking older than you actually are.

1. Throwing In Too Many Blacks

An all-black ensemble | Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

Don’t get me wrong. Going monochrome is cool, especially when you opt for a metallic or all-leather look which kinda became a fashion trend in 2021.

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However, the color matters a lot when deciding to take that bold step. Chances are you already know that which is why most women stick to safe colors like white, brown, green, and red for the bolder chic.

Black is also a safe color, (think “little black dress”). But going all black is a no-no if you are trying to achieve a younger look, or at the very least, look your age.

Fashion experts note that while undoubtedly a go-to choice, an all-black ensemble isn’t always appropriate. This is especially true for older women, as the skin tends to become paler with age. 

And pairing that pale skin with a black outfit creates a harsh contrast which only ends up emphasizing those fine lines, unflattering skin folds, and undereye bags, ultimately making you look older.

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When going all-black is inevitable, adding a necklace that hangs down a bit could do the trick. This takes the attention away from your neck and facial features and lightens up your overall appearance.

2. Shapeless Clothing

Wearing shapeless clothing| Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

Maybe it’s time to toss grandma’s fur coat into the goodwill box. Just kidding! But it might come to that eventually.

One of the fashion mistakes people make is putting on clothes that are a size or two bigger, albeit to hide some unflattering features. A lot of women are guilty of this blunder in their quest to conceal the tummy bulge, flabby arms, or heavier thighs.

However, all that does is make you appear shabby and even hide your best features as well. A great way around this is to choose structure over bigger garments.

For instance, a short jacket that cinches at the waist would conceal protruding abs just as much as an oversized or baggy jacket. The difference here is that the structured jacket cinched at the waist highlights your lower curves while skimming over the tummy bulge.

3. The Wrong Fabric

Using the wrong fabric | Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

Each fabric has its own texture or patterns. Notably, these textures have various functions when it comes to putting together a fashion-friendly combination.

From jeans, which noticeably makes one appear youthful, unless they’re mom jeans, to lacy fabrics which gives the festive look. You get the point.

Bearing in mind the overall effect of each piece on your outlook could help decide what to wear or ditch. Studies show that as women grow older, they tend to join the jersey-fabric bandwagon due to its unmatched comfort.

However, this comfort comes at the expense of your overall outlook as the fabric clings to the problem areas. Ponte fabric or merino wool are better choices when seeking comfort without compromising your appearance.

Also depending on your physique, some patterns flatter while others make you end up looking like a windblown straw.

4. Opting For The Wrong Underwear Size

Wear the right underwear | Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

The right underwear could take years off your age. Yet, many women fall in the category of opting for the wrong size or build. Beauty experts note that the right undergarment better facilitates a garment’s fit by bringing out a good framework underneath.

Hence, avoid saggy bras and loose bottoms as these could make the features unflattering. A loose bra for instance would simply hang underneath the boobs without offering the extra lift.

This in turn shortens the distance between the chest and the hips, ultimately making you appear bent, shorter, and wider. Also, avoid donning knickers under clothing and opt instead for tights when the extra piece is really needed.

5. Ignoring Proportions

A woman wearing a tight-fitting top and a long, lose skirt | Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

Dressing to the times does not necessarily entail tossing those voluptuous garments or longer skirts into the trash. On the contrary, those items could end up becoming your ticket to looking stylish, glamorous, and youthful.

The key is combining them in the right proportions. Balancing an outfit not only makes you look chic but also makes you stand out even in clothing items many have ruled out.

The first step is figuring out what proportion flatters your figure best and working around it. For instance, when going for a longer bottom half, opt for a shorter top and vice versa.

Also, a voluptuous skirt would work well with a tight-fit top while a top with more volume perfectly compliments a tight skirt.

Simply making outfit choices based on fashion trends just would not cut it. Worse, it could make you end up looking like a grandma in skinny jeans.

6. Doing Away With Shapewear

Shapewear functions as a way of smoothening out the lumps and bumps in the body to make the outfit fit better. However, many tend to forget that once these bumps exist, they protrude from any outfit irrespective of the occasion one plans to attend.

Hence, most women save these unexpendable undergarments for only special occasions and end up looking like mushroom layers the rest of the year. Some claim they opt to skip these garments because of the discomfort they cause while others rule them out for being unsexy.

The upgrading fashion trend, especially in the Kardashian-Jenner beauty era, has displaced these factors. Now, several shapewear choices exist, which look hot, feminine, and flirty, and still serve their purpose.

Furthermore, shopping for the right size overcomes the issue of discomfort or inability to breathe and move freely.

7. Covering Up Your Neck

Turtlenecks are great. But when your sole purpose for adding them to your ensemble is to conceal signs of aging, then you are achieving the exact opposite.

This may seem counterintuitive, but the best way of drawing attention away from your neck, whether you feel they are too thin, plumpy, short, or veiny, is to wear a V-neck outfit.

This is because turtlenecks are designed to flatter the neck, which makes it the focal point of one’s dressing. On the other hand, a V-neck garment or collared shirt directs the focal point away from the neck area, down to the point it ends, like a fine arrow.

This gives a teasing effect while offering more coverage. Pair this with a statement necklace that drops down to your chest and avoid chokers at all costs unless your neck is among your best features.

8. Tying A Satin Scarf Around Your Neck

Drop the neck scarf | Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

Accessories matter too when it comes to achieving a youthful look. For instance, adding a brooch to a jacket could make you look straight out of the 60s while pinning it to a bland cashmere or the little black dress could transform it from great to wow!

Likewise, the tiny neck scarf, which used to be in vogue decades back has become somewhat dated. However, many find it hard to let go of this unique piece, which undoubtedly helps them achieve the fun vibes while adding some warmth to their overall appearance.

A good way around this fashion mistake is to tie the scarf in a knot or a bow around the handle of your handbag or purse. It achieves the same playful effect. Unless you are donning one to ward off the cold, in which case it should be thicker.

By avoiding these eight fashion mistakes and including the additional tips to your fashion routine, you could achieve an age-defying look all year round.

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