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“I Am Bright Skin!” Isiah Hartenstein Confirms He’s Black

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Isiah Hartenstein dunking a bsketball
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New York Knicks big man Isaiah Hartenstein recently spoke about his ethnicity on ‘The Roommates Show’ alongside some of his teammates, Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart. Hartenstein opened up that he has a Black father, clarifying an aspect of his identity that seemed to have been overlooked.

“I’m not just lightskin, I’m brightskin,” Hartenstein said with some humor. “My dad is black. It’s funny how people react, you know, like in that Key and Peele skit with Barack Obama’s handshake.” 

Hartenstein also spoke about how people’s attitudes usually change once they learn about his Black heritage. He recalled one instance with his teammate Josh Hart, showing how their conversations suddenly took on a different tone. “It’s like a whole vibe switch. Before it’s like, ‘Hey Zay, how’s it going?’ After, it’s more like, ‘Yo Zay, what’s up man? You good?’ Even Hart did the same thing.”

The discussion around Hartenstein’s ethnicity took up more momentum after a list of white NBA players with Black ancestry was released, which excluded him. Hartenstein needed to clarify himself, so speaking from the platform provided by his teammate’s podcast, Hartenstein took that advantage to set the record straight about his ethnicity.

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His father, Florian Hartenstein, has a mixed-race background and a successful basketball career in Germany, both as a player and a coach.

On the court, Hartenstein has been a crucial contributor for the Knicks this season, especially in Mitchell Robinson’s absence. He has averaged 7.4 points, 8.4 rebounds, and 2.3 assists and has stepped up his game admirably.

With Robinson’s return, the Knicks are challenged to manage two talented centers. While Hartenstein has earned a strong starting role, Robinson’s performance prior to now demands more consideration.

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Knicks: The Dark Horses of the East

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Despite setbacks from injuries, the New York Knicks are quietly emerging as a strong team and contenders in the Eastern Conference. Hindered by player absences, the team has struggled to make a pronounced position on the court, relying heavily on standout performances from players like Jalen Brunson.

The Knicks’ fortunes notably shifted with the addition of OG Anunoby, which moved them into contention. Although injuries have slowed down their initial momentum, they stand proudly at an impressive record of 44-28, currently holding the No. 3 seed.

Coach Tom Thibodeau refuses to let complacency set in, referencing the team’s underdog status. Their strong defensive strategy challenges opponents, making them a legitimate threat in the playoffs.

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Questions linger over their offensive capabilities, especially in the absence of key players like Julius Randle. While Brunson has shown some brilliance, playoff success hinges on a much more cohesive team effort.

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As the regular season winds down, the Knicks aim to solidify their position and build momentum for a deep playoff run. With a healthy roster and continued growth from players like Brunson, they have the potential to surprise even the toughest competitors.

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