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Shirley Jones Celebrates 90th Birthday With Her Sons

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Shirley Jones
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Shirley Jones, the celebrated actress known for her roles in iconic films and television shows, recently marked her 90th birthday in the company of her beloved sons. The star-studded gathering, which included her sons Shaun, Ryan, and Patrick Cassidy, was a heartwarming occasion for the family.

In a touching Instagram post, Shaun Cassidy expressed his joy, saying, “Happy 90th birthday to Miss Pittsburgh! What an incredible night,” paying tribute to his mother’s lasting legacy as the star of “The Music Man” and her other numerous achievements.

However, the celebration was bittersweet, as it was missing one important figure – David Cassidy, Shirley Jones’ late stepson and co-star from “The Partridge Family.” David, who portrayed Keith in the beloved ’70s sitcom, passed away at the age of 67 in 2017 after a fierce battle with dementia and organ failure.

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Reflecting on his mother’s remarkable life, Shaun Cassidy shared a heartfelt message on his website, emphasizing her humble roots and unwavering optimism. He described her as someone who finds joy in simple pleasures like family, friends, and music, bringing out her essence beyond her Hollywood stardom.

“In one week, on Easter Sunday, this small-town girl from Western Pennsylvania, who grew up to become a movie star but who never acted like one, will celebrate her 90th birthday. In a journey full of dramatic highs and lows, mom has always been an optimist and a lover of life,” he wrote.

“Simple things mean the most to her: family, friends, nature, animals, laughter, sing-a-longs at the piano, a dry martini. Not necessarily in that order,” Shaun Cassidy continued.

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Shaun Cassidy went on to recount Shirley Jones’ buoyant career, highlighting her standout performances in films like “Oklahoma,” “Carousel,” and her Oscar-winning role in “Elmer Gantry.” Yet, he noted that her portrayal of Shirley Partridge in “The Partridge Family” remains one of her most iconic and cherished roles.

As her 90th birthday approached, Shaun Cassidy took to social media to share his admiration for his mother, posting a heartfelt caption alongside a nostalgic photo, thinking about her beautiful journey through life.

With her birthday on Easter Sunday, Shirley Jones’ family and fans alike gathered to celebrate her legacy and express gratitude for her presence in their lives. Shaun Cassidy’s sentiments echoed the sentiments of many, thanking his mother for grounding them in an uncertain world and inspiring countless individuals with her talent and kindness.

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From Shaun Cassidy’s post, it is clear that Shirley Jones’ 90th birthday celebration was a true testament to a life well-lived, filled with love, laughter, and lasting memories shared with those closest to her.

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