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Finance 101: Average American Incomes and How to Make Them Last 

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Average American Incomes and How to Make Them Last
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The cost of living in America is considerably high when you compare it to the income rate of the population. According to several sources, the average American income varies due to many factors. The most common of these factors is their age. 

Different age groups make relatively other incomes even in the same profession. For example, the average income for a fully employed teenager between the ages of 16 and 19 is about $32,396 a year. This value also depends on where they are employed. 

For most teens, this income is either for college savings, to earn more spending money, or to support their families. Moreover, this average income suggests that they may be able to do all three successfully. In addition, if they end up in college, their average income increases again. 

For those working through college or university, their average age is usually 20 to 24 years. The average student in this group makes $38,324 annually. The next age group is from 25 to 35, comprising young millennials and fewer Gen Zers. For them, the average salary is about $52,832. 

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Without a doubt, this is a significant jump compared to the previous group earning less than $40,000. The average earning increased for the last time before plummeting from 35 to 44 years old. Experts believe people within this age group are in their “peak earning years.”

Their average income of $62,608 also proves this notion to be true. For the next decade, some Americans see an increase in their earnings. This is because investments are booming, and returns might be flowing in. However, most people experience the exact opposite. 

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According to data, the average income for someone within 45 to 54 years is $62,400. This is only about $200 lower than the previous decade but is significant nonetheless. There is another significant decrease in income for people between the ages of 55 and 64. They earn about $61,204 even with decades of experience.

However, people in highly specialized fields or business owners might not experience this decline in earnings. Their cooperate counterparts may also experience a decrease in income as companies like to keep it low to encourage early retirement. 

In addition, some people work past age 65 for several reasons. Even with older age, they make much less than their younger counterparts. The average adult salary for workers above 65 is a surprising $54,444. All these average annual salaries may vary from person to person or with professions. 

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So, how does one maximize their salary for later years? First, one has to have a reasonable budget. This budget should allow them to save while keeping them away from deep debt. Experts also say that one should pay off interest loans and credit cards as soon as possible. An emergency account will also come in handy for unforeseen circumstances. 

Second, make sure all taxes are in order. Hiring a tax accountant can help with this in the long run. Most importantly, be safe smart, and invest wisely. This allows money to multiply without doing much and can be a source of great wealth in the future. 

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