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Disney’s “Minnie Kitchen Sink Sundae” for Women’s History Month Faces Criticism

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Minnie Kitchen Sink Sundae
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In celebration of Women’s History Month, Disney unveiled a special treat: the “Minnie Kitchen Sink Sundae.” For $24.99 at Walt Disney World, you can enjoy ice cream and toppings in a sink shaped like Minnie Mouse’s dress, complete with faucet and handles resembling her gloves.

However, what was intended as a gesture of appreciation for women has sparked controversy and criticism. The sundae, adorned with Minnie Mouse ears and a polka-dot bow, raised questions about gender stereotypes and representation.

Gender stereotyping happens when we label people with specific traits or roles based on their gender. This not only hurts mental health but can also lead to dangerous situations. According to experts at Planned Parenthood, these stereotypes limit people’s ability to express themselves fully. 

For example, women may feel they can’t be independent, while men may hide their emotions to avoid seeming “weak.” Additionally, those who conform to extreme feminine or masculine stereotypes may be at higher risk of abuse.

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Very feminine individuals may endure abuse from their partners, while very masculine individuals may be more likely to be abusive themselves. Gender experts argue that women are often taught to prioritize serving others and to comply with societal expectations.

“We must give, not take, or we only earn the right to take, to receive, if we’ve given enough, and so we constantly feel inadequate because we are taught that it’s our job … to be good and to be appeasing,” Natalie Lue, author of “The Joy of Saying No,” told USA TODAY.

Due to this, critics raised concerns about Disney’s new product. Some people online said that the “Minnie Kitchen Sink Sundae” might suggest that women belong in the kitchen. This criticism comes during Women’s History Month, a time meant to honor women’s achievements and the fight for equality. 

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Dr. Betsy Grunch, a renowned neurosurgeon with nearly 2 million followers on TikTok, shared a video.  The video was of a sign promoting the product during her visit to Disney World’s Hollywood Studios.

“While I don’t think Disney did this intentionally, the perception is associating a kitchen sink with a month celebrating women, a group of people who have historically been told that their only place is in the kitchen,” she said.

“Of course, the sink is playing off the everything but the kitchen sink phrase,” Grunch said, “but the optics aren’t great, and I believe the creative minds at Disney could have come up with better names to celebrate and uplift women. Y’all did us dirty on this one,” Grunch said in her video. 

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Many people commented on the video, agreeing that selecting the product for Women’s History Month was a poor decision, if not outright insulting. “My jaw hit the floor,” one person wrote.

“Makes me wonder how many women were a part of that process and how many were shut down,” another person said. “Listen, the kitchen sink is a Disney thing, but I agree, they could have created something NEW and less…whatever this is I’m feeling,” another commenter expressed.

Disney has not responded to USA TODAY’s request for comment. It’s still unclear whether other Disney World parks or locations are also selling this product in celebration of Women’s History Month.

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