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“Young Sheldon” Producer Vying to Guest Star Reba McEntire for Show’s Final Season

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“Young Sheldon” Producer Vying to Guest Star Reba McEntire for Show’s Final Season
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“Young Sheldon,” the spinoff series of “The Big Bang Theory,” is ending. However, before it takes its final bow, the executive producer Steve Holland is looking to secure Reba McEntire to guest star in its final season. It is no news that McEntire is one of the hottest names on television right now. 

From being featured as a judge on “The Voice” to making guest appearances on shows, everyone loves some Reba McEntire. Therefore, it is unsurprising that Holland wants to get her to appear on his show. The country legend has already guest-starred in “Young Sheldon” multiple times, but Holland believes it’ll be great to have her one more time. 

“We would love to have her back,” Holland said. “She’s expressed interest, but she’s swamped. She has another [sitcom] pilot that she’s shooting, so I don’t know if it will work out.” “It’s just a matter of logistics,” he added.

Most fans already know that the “Fancy” singer made her debut on the show as hairstylist June Ballard, the ex-wife of Dale (Craig T Nelson), in season three. She appeared in six episodes in season five.

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The network’s current season airs every Thursday at 8 p.m. EST. The CBS hit show will end with a one-hour series finale on May 16th. According to several reports, a spinoff series that will follow the characters Georgie and Mandy is in the works. 

“Young Sheldon” is the hit spinoff sitcom series based on a younger version of Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory.” The show is set from 1989 to the mid-1990s and follows Sheldon Cooper’s youth and coming-of-age during his childhood in Texas as he pursues science and academia. The sitcom also follows his parents, siblings, and Mee-Maw, painting a picture of the world where Sheldon grew up.

As a boy who is the smartest in any room he walks in, it shows how he navigated his younger years to become the Sheldon we all know from its parent sitcom. 

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The show, which launched in 2017 and is available on Netflix, runs on CBS and has gathered fans worldwide. Like “The Big Bang Theory,” this hit show is good for the family and relaxing after a long day. Several critics praised the show for its impeccable writing and brilliant performances from its actors, especially the child cast. 

While the show is doing great, having McEntire appear as “a guest” will boost its views. However, the singer-songwriter is still active in her recurring role on “The Voice.” In addition, she is currently filming a yet-to-be-named comedy show with NBC. 

Therefore, it is understandable that her schedule is tighter than most. Will we see her with the Coopers soon?” We’d have to wait and see!

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