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Authorities Charge Dallas Man in Woman’s Death After Stealing Her Car

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32-year-old Victim Karen Mariela Cardona and Her Killer
Source: Fox 4 Dallas-Forth Worth/YouTube

Car theft is not merely a property crime. It can have severe and sometimes fatal consequences. Beyond the financial implications for the innocent victim, it can lead to dangerous situations on the road, putting innocent lives at risk. In this case, the consequences were awful, as a life was lost.

Authorities in Dallas have charged a man for the death of a woman after he allegedly stole her car at a gas station and crashed it. According to the police, the victim was asleep in the back seat and was pushed out of the car early Sunday morning.

Police responded to an accident call at 1300 Murdock Road around 12:50 a.m. on Sunday. Upon arrival at the scene, authorities discovered the victim, 32-year-old Karen Mariela Cardona from Honduras, lying in the middle of the road with obvious blunt-force injuries.

Paramedics came quickly and tried to help Cardona, but she couldn’t be saved. Unfortunately, she was pronounced dead at the scene due to her injuries. Darion Thomas, 26, the identified suspect in the tragic incident, was found lying in the grass close to the crash site.

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The Dallas Police Department shared on Monday that they first thought it was a carjacking. However, they later learned that Thomas stole the car when three people stopped at a gas station. Police said the suspect drove away quickly at high speed, lost control of the car, and crashed into a pole.

The suspected driver was apprehended and taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries, though not life-threatening. According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Darion Thomas told investigators that he was inside a gas station when he observed two people exiting a car and walking in. 

Police alleged that Thomas walked outside to check if the car was still running. When he found out that it was, he stole the black Honda Accord. As he drove away, he reportedly discovered someone in the back seat. Shortly after, the woman lost her life. 

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He allegedly admitted stealing the car to get to work and asked for a gun to end his life. “What we know at this point is he stole the vehicle from a nearby business with the victim in the back seat, and then he sped away and crashed, hitting a pole,” explained Jesse Carr with the Dallas Police Department.

Mireya Diaz, who resides precisely where Murdock Road bends sharply and transforms into Dowdy Ferry Road, recounted the incident. “We came out here to see, saw the car out here pretty mangled,” she recalled. “There was a good amount of cop car presence out here.”

A security camera from a nearby home on Murdock Road recorded the car speeding past before crashing into a power pole. The footage showed the car bursting into flames upon impact. “The girl, unfortunately, was out in the street, and people were still trying to pass by,” Diaz said.

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The arrest warrant affidavit cited by the outlet said a witness saw Thomas trying to crawl away from the crash because his legs were broken.  The witness said, “his legs were broken and that he stole the vehicle because he needed a ride to work. He then asked the witness for a gun to kill himself.”

Sadly, family members of the deceased said that the mother of two left her home country about a year ago to come to Texas. She has hoped to support her family.

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