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Court Sentences Jonathan Majors to Mandatory Anti-Domestic Violence Program

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A picture of Majors and Jabbari
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Jonathan Majors has been sentenced to complete a 52-week-long domestic violence program after being convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend. Fortunately, the actor will not face jail time unless he fails to finish the mandated counseling.

His lawyer told the judge that Majors is “committed to growing and bettering himself and accepts this painful opportunity to emerge stronger and healthier.” The case stems from an altercation in a chauffeured car in March 2023.

Grace Jabbari, Majors’s ex, said in her court testimony that after finding romantic text messages from another woman, she grabbed Majors’s phone in the back of an SUV. He then hit her head and twisted her arm, resulting in a fractured finger and a laceration behind her ear. 

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In a split verdict, the jury found Majors guilty of misdemeanor assault and a harassment violation but acquitted him of two other charges, one of which involved assault with intent. Here’s all we know.

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Jabbari’s Statement

Jonathan Majors’ ex-girlfriend, Jabbari, gave a tearful victim impact statement in court. She said the abusive relationship left her “unable to sleep and eat, hypervigilant at all times.” Also, she claimed she suffered “a total loss of self-esteem.”

Wearing a light pink suit, Jabbari spoke about Jonathan Majors isolating her from friends and family until she became “a different version of myself.” “I was small, scared, and vulnerable,” she said. “I was held tightly in the palm of his abusive hand.”

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Despite the guilty verdict, Jabbari said Majors continues to insist on his innocence publicly. “He is not sorry, he has not accepted responsibility, and he will do this again,” she said. “He will hurt other women. This is a man who believes he is above the law.”

A picture of Jonathan Majors
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Jonathan Majors’ Appearance at the Court 

During his ex-girlfriend’s testimony, the former Marvel star did not make eye contact with her. Jonathan Majors was dressed in a black mock-neck and double-breasted jacket. Also, he flipped through a copy of the Bible for most of the sentencing hearing.

His current girlfriend, actress Meagan Good, accompanied him, sitting behind him in the courtroom with his mother.

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The Prosecutor’s Statement

Prosecutor Kelli Gallaway told the court that Majors had not shown any remorse for the assault. Instead, she said he engaged “in a high-powered public-relations campaign.” This campaign involved disparaging Jabbari and questioning the verdict’s credibility. 

“The defendant’s complete lack of remorse, as well as the pattern of abuse that Ms. Jabbari testified to and discussed with the Department of Probation. This makes it all the more likely this defendant will re-offend without serious, in-person intervention through domestic violence programming,” Gallaway said.

What Damage Has the Arrest Done to Jonathan Majors?

Since Jonathan Majors was arrested last year, his career has taken a nosedive. He was set to be a key fixture in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Kang the Conqueror. But he was dropped from the franchise after the guilty verdict was announced. 

Also, he received critical acclaim for his performance in “Magazine Dreams,” but the film’s release date has been indefinitely postponed. Still, Majors’s lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, said his team is optimistic that “he will work in the film industry soon.” 

Majors Lawyer’s Statement 

Priya Chaudhry said the actor is already in therapy and asked the judge to allow Jonathan Majors to attend the court-mandated “batterer-intervention program” remotely if a work opportunity arises. The judge responded that while the L.A.-based counseling should happen in person, he could likely make an accommodation.

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On the other hand, Jabbari’s civil lawyer reported that she is “very satisfied” with the sentence. “She is hopeful that 52 weeks of in-person domestic-violence programming will serve as a deterrent to future conduct by Mr. Majors.”

The Lawsuit 

In March, Jabbari filed a civil lawsuit against the actor, accusing him of assault and defamation. She described several alleged incidents of abuse in the complaint, including one in September 2022. She claims Majors hit her head against a marble floor and strangled her “until she felt she could no longer breathe.” 

A picture of Majors and Jabbari
Source: Pinterest

The lawsuit also cites the accounts of two other former girlfriends who have come forward with emotional- and physical abuse allegations. During his sentence hearing, Jonathan Majors did not make a statement. The actor’s attorney told the court it was out of fear that Jabbari would “attempt to use it against him in her civil case.”

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