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These Are the Top Contenders for Trump’s Vice Presidential Nominee

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Source: Reddit

The presidential primary season is over, and now that former President Donald Trump has won the Republican nomination, he is being asked questions about who is on his vice presidential shortlist.

In February, while the primaries were still underway, Trump told Fox News`s Maria Bartiromo that he did not intend to announce his pick for a while.

Sources close to Trump`s campaign said they advised Trump not to announce his nomination until the convention to create suspense and increase his influence over the candidates vying for the job.

Sources told CBS News that Trump is considering Stefanik as a potential vice presidential candidate. When asked if she would serve as vice president, Stefanik told NBC News’ “Meet the Press” that she would be honored to serve in any capacity in the Trump administration.

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He abandoned his bid for the White House in November and endorsed Trump just before the New Hampshire primary, a blow to his fellow South Carolinian and former governor.

Scott told “CBS Mornings” that he would never ask Trump for a cabinet position but declined to answer whether he would be Trump’s vice president.

Originally from the red state of South Dakota, Noem considered running for president in 2024 but ultimately decided not to pursue it when Trump announced he would run again. And if President Trump runs, I’ll support him, Noem told CBS News Major Garrett in 2022.

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Noem was one of the first governors to endorse Trump, announcing her support at a rally last September, and she campaigned for him multiple times in Iowa before the January caucuses.

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North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum – another former 2024 presidential candidate – has also been discussed by the Trump campaign as a potential vice presidential candidate.

Burgum was the first of the former 2024 presidential candidates to officially endorse Trump, joining him at a rally in Indianola, Iowa, on January 1, 2024.

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“He`s one of the best governors in our country, and I hope I can get him to be a part of the administration, a very important part of the administration,” Trump said of Burgum during the January 14 protest.

Last year, Sanders delivered the Republican response to President Biden’s State of the Union address. She officially endorsed Trump at a campaign rally in Hialeah, Florida, in November 2023.

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Carson, who ran against Trump in the 2016 presidential primary, campaigned for the former president in Iowa before the caucuses. Carson is considered a safe choice for vice president because he is popular with conservatives and Christians.

Responding to a question about whether he and Trump had any discussions about becoming vice president, Carson said: I don’t want to talk about private conversations.

Rubio endorsed Trump the day before the Iowa caucuses in an article on March 21. In an interview with Glenn Beck, Rubio said he had not spoken to Trump or his campaign about running for vice president.

“The reason why I work in public office and the reason why I ran for office, which is a six-year contract that you sign when you come here, is because I always wanted to save this country,” Rubio said.

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