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Cooper Kupp and his Beautiful Wife, Anna Marie Kupp, are Parents to Two Adorable Kids: Meet Them

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Cooper Kupp and his beautiful wife Anna Marie Kupp have been married for about six years, and they share two adorable kids. Yet the young couple is in awe of each other, and they lovingly gush on each other like newlyweds: Meet the sweet family.

Cooper Kupp, NFL star, inherited his athletic genes from his father. The Kupp lineage bears a spectacular likeness for the sports, and they were talented in playing.

His grandfather, Jakes Kupp, played for Dallas Cowboys and was named to the NFL All-Rookie team. Cooper’s dad, Craig, was a fifth-round draft pick and played for Cardinals and Cowboys.

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Last year, Cooper, who plays for Los Angeles Rams, established history as the fourth NFL player to earn the triple crown as the league leader in receptions.

Life away from the field is also favorable to Cooper, a father of two and husband to an adorable life partner, Anna Marie Kupp. 

The pair wed in 2015, and Cooper has never grown tired of serenading his beloved wife with praises. In interviews, the athlete talks about his supportive wife and her influence on his career.

During an interview with ESPN, he confessed that Anna has been instrumental to his success as an NFL star. He stated:

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“I really believe I may not be in this – I may not be in the NFL if it wasn’t for her and what she has inspired in me and pushed me to do.”


Anna Marie was born Anna Marie Croskey, and she was raised in Richmond, Washington, alongside five other siblings.

The first time she met Cooper was in high school; at the time, the pair were not romantically involved, but the NFL star knew that he would spend his forever with her.

According to him:

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“I knew she was the one I wanted to marry when we had first met back in high school. I told my mom the day I met her, ‘I’m going to marry this girl.'”

Years later, the pair reunited at Eastern Washington University. Anna majored in public relations and was involved in track events while coaching youngsters.

Immediately they completed their sophomore year, the duo tied the knot, and they have been inseparable. The couple is also supportive of each other in business and parenting.

Anna co-runs her husband’s website, updating fans about their lifestyle selling merchandise.  

She is also available to cheer for her leading man when needed. Last month, the mother of two was present at one of his games in SoFi stadium. 

Anna shared a photo of her son dressed as an astronaut to the game. She added the intriguing caption that read: “When your daddy is out of this world #touchdowndaddy.”


Three years after their vows, the couple welcomed their first son, Cooper Jameson Kupp.

In 2021, baby number two, Cypress Stellar Kupp, joined his sibling.

The kids are regular faces on their parents’ social media handles. Despite their young ages, they have a close relationship with their parents, who dote on them tirelessly.

 On one occasion, Cooper posted a family outing picture and tagged it: “Blessings on Blessings on Blessings.”


Undoubtedly, the couple is active on social media where they thrill fans to many updates, including family engagements, parenting, and doting on each other.

Last year, the mother of two shared an admirable photo of the athlete hanging out with his sons. What followed was a stream of adjectives displaying her confidence in her husband.

Cooper is also as generous as Anna when raving about his love for her. In a 2021 post, the father of two thoughtfully celebrated his wife with a montage of shots, adding a lengthy writeup about his awe for the woman of his heart.

The NFL star mentioned that he would remain dedicated to fighting for their marriage in every moment. He concluded by adding how appreciative the family feels about her sacrifices.

Apart from their posts passing similar eye-catching messages, the lovebirds are in sync with each other, as they share the same faith and values. 

Their Instagram bios reveal that they are Christians. While Cooper added a Bible verse to his bio, Anna has the words “Child of the King” on hers.

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