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Matthew Cowles and Christine Baranski Had Two Kids Before he Passed in 2014: Meet The Late Actor’s Kids

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Famous Hollywood couple Mathew Cowles and Christine Baranski are parents to two adorable daughters who have gone to carve a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. 

American Actor and Writer Matthew Cowles was a famous name in Hollywood, and in 1983 the actor married his equally prominent celebrity wife, Christine Baranski. 

Matthew and Christine’s Kids

During their marriage, the pair also became parents to two adorable children, Isabel and Lily. Let’s meet them.

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Matthew and Christine’s first daughter Isabel was born in 1984. Even though both her parents are famous Hollywood stars, Isabel only appeared sparingly in the movie industry. 

She made her acting debut in 1993, appearing in the movie “Lovejoy.” Since then, Isabel has only featured in a few movies. 

In 2014 she opened up about how life was for her growing up around famous mother Christine in an essay for Elle Magazine. 

Isabel revealed life became a bit confusing after their mother was cast in the series “Cybill” because the kids suddenly had to deal with the spotlight on them due to their mother. 

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She explained it was a bit annoying that people would often ask her how life was growing up with a famous mother and their expectations that such life would be magical. 

Isabel explained that famous actors are not unique creatures, and their life, like that of any devoted professional, is a struggle. 

She was, however, thankful that their mother had worked so hard to provide them the comforts with which they lived, revealing how Christie’s driver told her the actress cried whenever she had to leave her kids to film “Cybill” in Los Angeles. 


Lily was born in September 1987, but unlike her elder sister, she has followed in her parent’s footsteps in becoming an actress herself.

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She made her on-screen debut in 2015 in the romcom “Enchantment.” She also voiced the video game “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” in 2020. 

However, her most famous appearance has come in the science fiction series “Roswell, New Mexico,” which premiered in 2019.

In 2019, Lily revealed how inspirational Christine’s strive to make the best of her movie career has been. She praised her for always being so dedicated and how Christine taught her the hard work behind having a reputation and how easy it is to lose.

Their mother Christine made her Broadway debut in 1980 and has had a long successful career in the movie industry.

She and Matthew remained married throughout her career until he died in 2014.

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