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Businessman Develops Solution to America’s Landfill Crisis

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When Damon Carson created Repurposed Materials, he had a specific goal in mind. To give materials condemned to landfills another chance. 

He started the company in 2010. But before then, Carson worked in solid waste. He witnessed first-hand the obscene amount of trash the U.S. discards, even though they could still be helpful. 

According to an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report from 2018, Americans discard 300 million tons of trash, with 50% ending up in landfills. As organic materials decompose in landfills, they release carbon dioxide and methane. These two gases are the leading culprits behind the abnormal heating of the planet.

Repurposed Materials dubs itself America’s most prominent “industrial thrift store.” The company takes secondhand materials that are not worthless. Its inventory contains stuff that would otherwise be going to the landfill. They mostly come from companies, schools, and the government. 

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Many materials they save are given a chance at a second life. Street sweeper brushes are transformed into back scratchers for livestock and zoo animals. Old bowling alley lanes have become countertops, butcher blocks, and shuffleboard tables. 

Even propane tanks are now BBQ grills, feed troughs, and stylish benches. The company has an active Instagram page where you can find all kinds of creative uses for the repurposed items. 

The company now has six physical locations across the country. To find the closest one, head to the company’s website. 

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The art of thrifting is a great way to manage money, and Repurposed Materials is one of the unique thrifting companies. After all, not many thrift stores can offer you a 25,000-pound roll of cleated rubber conveyor belt. 

Everyone wins with Repurposed Materials. Consumers are connected with inexpensive materials to fit their needs. The company stays profitable partially because of the low inventory costs. It also creates jobs. 

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Above all, Repurposed Materials, the company Damon Carson created to divert usable trash from going to landfills, is crushing that goal. Last year, the company saved 16.7 million pounds of waste from landfills! 

The goal for 2023 is 21 million pounds, and we all hope Carson’s company will continue to surpass its goals. Carson believes that we have only one earth. And that it is up to all of us to make a difference in how we care for it.

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