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HomeGeneralMinnesota Firefighters Rescue Dog From freezing Lake Superior Waters 8-foot waves

Minnesota Firefighters Rescue Dog From freezing Lake Superior Waters 8-foot waves

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Dog on a walk
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Video captured this month shows firefighters in Minnesota rescuing a dog who fell into freezing Lake Superior waters. During the rescue, 8-foot waves nearly overcame the lake. The incident took place on Thursday, Dec. 7.

It began when the dog slipped out of his leash and jumped into the water near the Aerial Lift Bridge, as the Duluth Fire Department reported on Facebook.

According to the post, a 911 call summoned firefighters, and they brought an inflatable rescue boat to the scene.

Footage provided by the department shows a firefighter wearing an “ice rescue suit” descending a ladder into the water.

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During this operation, high waves beat against him. Firefighters fought through the waves to locate the dog but faced challenges due to large waves and limited light, as noted by the department.

The dark-colored dog kept slipping below the surface, making it difficult to find. Meanwhile, firefighters on the pier, along with the dog’s owner, used portable lights to guide the crew. They also shouted directions to aid in the search.

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“The firefighters were finally able to get a hold of the dog by his collar but were not able to do much more against the heavy waves other than help keep him from going under again,” the post reads. The dog was large, scared, and struggling, adding to the difficulty.”

At one point, the crew and the dog were swept toward the bay and passed under a bridge, as reported by firefighters.

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Crew members in the boat reached them during this incident. Eventually, they got the dog and the firefighters into the boat.

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Once taken to land, the dog stopped shivering and could walk on his own, the department said. “He was wagging his tail as he jumped into his owner’s car.”

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