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The Incredible Story of Diamond, a Death Row Dog, Adopted at the Nick of Time

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Diamond, the death row dog that was adopted at the nick of time.
Source: Newsweek

The story of Diamond, an eight-year-old dog, captures the phrase “delay is not denial” quite perfectly. She lived at the Iredell County Animal Services and Control (ICAS) for 115 days, and the shelter tried getting her adopted through various means. 

The shelter shared posts about Diamond on social media platforms and events and also to about 140 rescue transport facilitators. Sadly, nobody returned to the shelter with a positive response to adopt her. 

One faithful day, a family adopted Diamond, but soon, all hopes of them being her forever home were dashed when they returned her to the shelter. The dog’s physical and mental state declined, causing increasing concern among the sanctuary members about her well-being.

Due to the increasing time Diamond spent in the North Carolina-based shelter, they ultimately gave her and two other dogs a “due date.” Diamond, along with two other dogs, faced euthanasia.

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This is not an uncommon practice as it helps to reduce the trauma shelter dogs experience. Diamond spent time out of her kennel, but it wasn’t enough to stop her from developing some mental health concerns. 

Like all other long-stay dogs, Diamond enjoyed walks, played in the yard, and had one-on-one training sessions. Additionally, a doctor prescribed her daily anxiety medication. However, the nature of dogs requires a lot of time, care, and attention, and their unique role as ‘man’s best friend.’

Dogs tend to thrive better in a loving home with special care than in general spaces with other dogs. Fate intervened, and on November 7, 2023, the day of her euthanization, a family adopted Diamond!

Tracy Sanchez, the shelter volunteer coordinator, confirmed that her new family spent almost all day getting to know the dog before deciding to make her theirs. As part of the adoption package, the family also received private training sessions with Highland Canine Training. This ensures that Diamond fits into her new home perfectly. Another advantage is that it helps the family accommodate her to the best of their ability. 

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Adopted animals usually go through a transition period, which is why specialists train families and advise them to be patient. This is also in line with the recommended Rule of 3’s according to “Preventive Vet” that says:

The first three days are the initial transition. The first three weeks involve the pet getting more comfortable in their new home and learning the routine. Lastly, a pet fully adapts to its new environment within three months.

Diamond is a fortunate dog, and we hope she spends the rest of her days happy in her new home. Thankfully, other families adopted the remaining two dogs.

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