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Atticus James Hallisay: Meet Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Oldest Son

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Atticus James Hallisay is the second son of Jennifer Love Hewitt and her husband, Brian Hallisay. His parents are both famous actors. Hewitt, his mother, is an American actress, producer, and singer whose career began when she was a child.

She was known to appear in national television commercials before officially joining the cast of the Disney Channel series “Kids Incorporated.” His father, Brian Hallisay, is an American actor best known for his roles as Will Davis in the CW drama series “Privileged” and Kyle Parks in the Lifetime drama series “The Client List.”

Despite their demanding careers, Hallisay and his wife practice hands-on parenting. They are among the few couples who genuinely enjoy the art of parenting, which is reflected in how they raise their kids and talk about them. Atticus James Hallisay is their second child.

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Here is everything we know about him. 

Jennifer Hewitt with her husband Brian and one of their kids
Jennifer Hewitt with her husband Brian and one of their kids. (Source: Pinterest)

Atticus James Hallisay Biography 

The handsome Atticus James Hallisay was born on June 15, 2015. This makes him a boy of 8 years as of 2023. Hewitt and her husband named him Atticus, a Latin name translated to mean “Man of Attica.”

The name is most popularly referenced in “To Kill a Mockingbird,” a novel by Harper Finch with a character named Atticus Finch. Atticus’ middle name, James, means “The Supplanter.” He has been blessed with two siblings, Autumn James Hallisay and Aidan James Hallisay.

However, it is very likely their numbers increase in the future as their mother has expressed a love for pregnancy. In an interview, she once joked about wanting to carry many babies because of how good it feels. 

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She said: “I feel my best when I’m pregnant, which means I probably should have 18 children — it won’t happen — but I do feel good.” Of course, there is no guarantee that there’ll be baby number 4, just a high likelihood that they would not be horrified if it happened. 

Jennifer Hewitt with her husband Brian and one of their kids. (Source: Pinterest)

Atticus James Hallisay Already Loves TV 

According to Jennifer Love Hewitt, Atticus James Hallisay enjoys watching TV series, notably “Bachelor in Paradise.” However, that is only one item on a lengthy list of things he loves.

Aside from the TV series, he loves rocket pops, hotdogs, cake pickles, and Italian food. His mother has explained that it is most likely because those were things she craved while she carried him in her womb.

Atticus James Hallisay Parents  

His parents immediately hit it off after they met on the set of “Love Bite,” an NBC series. They started dating in March 2012 and engaged a year later, in May 2013. By the time they got engaged, Hewitt was already heavy with their first child, Atticus’s older sister, Autumn. They tied the knot in a private ceremony held in Florence, Italy. 

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After they welcomed Autumn on Tuesday, November 26, 2013, they went public with news of their wedding and her arrival. Their family expanded twice since then with the arrival of Atticus and baby number 3, Aidan, but Hewitt and her husband are still going strong. 

They have been married for several years now. However, no divorce is on the horizon, and they have no marital drama famously linked to Hollywood celebrities. Their kids have also been getting along well, with sources claiming they are much like best friends. 

This shows how much Hewitt and her husband have worked on raising their children. In the past, after they welcomed Atticus, Hewitt revealed she and Hallisay knew there would be much to be done. 

Jennifer Hewitt
Jennifer Hewitt. (Source: Pinterest)

She said: “We didn’t have a night nurse, we didn’t have a nanny. We haven’t ever had any of that stuff. It’s been exciting to do it all ourselves.” 

Jennifer Hewitt on the Effects of Motherhood

Pregnancy affects all women differently. In Hewitt’s case, her body saw a lot of drastic changes occur over the years as a result of her pregnancy, as well as deliberate actions. 

Overall, she looks good. So good that netizens started suspecting that she may have undergone some surgery, especially liposuction. However, she has revealed that her body is how it is, thanks to her excellent physical routines and diet. 

Another way motherhood has affected Hewitt is that it taught her love’s true meaning. She once shared: “I think before becoming a parent, love sounded beautiful and was out there and portrayed in movies and felt at certain times when I met my husband.

Then [Brian and I] very quickly started having kids, and the love that I feel for the person that allowed me to have that dream in having those children and the love that you have for your children, it opens you up in a way that makes you more vulnerable than you could ever possibly imagine.” 

Her ability to tap into these newfound emotions has positively affected her acting as she finds them more accessible when she needs them as an actress. Her kids, Autumn, Atticus, and Aidan, also benefit as a happy mom equals a comfortable home.

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