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The Story of Tracy Vaccaro, Fred Dryer’s Ex-Wife, and Former Playboy Model

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Tracy Vaccaro is an actress whose fame doubled after marrying former actor/NFL star Fred Dryer. Here’s all we know about her. 

Everybody loves a good actress meets an actor on a movie set story, especially as this is one of the most loved Hollywood relationship storylines. This was the case of Tracy and Fred Dryer, who met on the set of the 1984 movie “Hunter.”

Sadly, as with many Hollywood relationships, their marriage didn’t last very long, and the couple has been divorced for a long time. Tracy decided to stay out of the limelight following her divorce, making people curious about her whereabouts.

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What does Tracy Vaccaro do now, and where is she? Find out the answer to these questions and more as you keep reading. 

Tracy Vaccaro’s Biography 

Tracy Vaccaro is a former American model and actress who was active in the entertainment industry from the 1980s to the late 1990s. She was popular but attained a higher level of fame after her marriage to former American actor, radio host, and NFL professional player John Frederick Dryer. 

Tracy Vaccaro
Tracy Vaccaro. (Source: Pinterest)

Her ex-husband was popularly known as Fred Dryer and was a man of many talents during his prime. Tracy was born on May 4, 1962, in Glendale, California, to her mother, Sandra Vaccaro, and father, John Vaccaro.

She spent most of her early years in Glendale, where her parents raised her. It is unclear if Tracy had any siblings, as that information hasn’t been made public yet. She attended Lawndale High School in California and probably went further with her studies in her later years.

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Her later educational history is unknown, but one can tell that she is well-educated due to her eloquence and graceful nature. The “Land’s End” actress is a lover of American football and golf, and her favorite city is Paris. 

Tracy Vaccaro’s Professional Life

In her prime, Tracy had good looks, which many would have gladly paid for. She knew this for a fact and decided to put it to good use by becoming a model.

She quickly shot to fame and already made a name for herself in the entertainment industry at the age of 21. By 1983, Tracy had built her modeling career and joined the infamous Playboy magazine.

In October of 1983, she was featured as the centerfold model of the magazine. It didn’t take her long to reach the pinnacle of her nude modeling career, as she was on the magazine cover in 1985. 

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Tracy Vaccaro on the Cover of Playboy Magazine. (Site: Pinterest)

These were not easy feats as Tracy also doubled as an actress during this time. She featured in about four productions in 1983 as well and remained an active actress until the late 1990s. 

Tracy Vaccaro’s Movies

The former actress did so well with her movie career until she suddenly stopped in 1996. Since then, Tracy has not graced our screens and has found other interests to fill her days. The reason for the sudden stop is unknown, but it was just after her divorce from Fred Dryer, so fans can’t help but think the two are related in some way. 

Some of her credited projects during her active days include: 

  • The Man Who Loved Women,
  • Hunter,
  • Land’s End, and
  • Rare Breed.

Tracy Vaccaro on “Hunter”

Tracy’s most famous role was in the Hollywood hit series “Hunter,” which ran from 1985 to 1991. She played the role of Stacey Collins, giving her world recognition for her acting skills. It was also on the set of “Hunter” that Tracy met her first husband, Fred Dryer. 

Tracy Vaccaro and Fred Dryer

After meeting on set, like most Hollywood fairytale love stories, Tracy and Fred hit it off immediately. They fell in love not long after and dated for a brief time before tying the knot in May 1983. The couple did not waste any time and started building their family immediately. 

Fred Dryer
Fred Dryer. (Source: Facebook)

They had their first and only child together, Caitlyn Nell Dryer, on April 12, 1984, barely a year after they got married. Sadly, their union did not last forever, and they divorced in 1988. 

Many blamed Tracy for the divorce as she left Fred for another man named George Santa Pietro. Making matters worse, the divorce was filed about a year after Fred put up his Long Beach property to bail her father out of prison. 

Where Is Fred Dryer’s Ex-Wife Now?

Tracy withdrew from the public eye immediately after her divorce from the former NFL star and hasn’t been active ever since. However, she married a man named Duane Dahlgreen in 2016, and the couple reportedly lives in Las Vegas.  

On the other hand, Fred never remarried, and fans believe that he still carries the hurt and betrayal he felt at the hands of Tracy. 

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