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Zachary Taylor Warner’s Childhood Accident Changed His Mom’s Life Forever 

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Zachary Taylor Warner was born to two people whose jobs were to protect the nation. They were marines posted to different bases worldwide to serve their country. 

Due to the nature of their job, it was not unusual for them to be separated for long periods. It eventually led to a near-fatal incident that forever changed Zachary’s life. 

It also had a significant effect on his mother’s life. She had to quit her job and has since dedicated her life to caring for Zachary. She has also been spreading awareness of people like him everywhere she goes.

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Brenda Warner
Brenda Warner smiling (Source: Pinterest)

Zachary Taylor Warner Suffered Irreparable Injuries as a Baby

Zachary Taylor Warner lived with his marine mom and dad after his birth. One day, Zachary was with his father while his mother was working at a base in Virginia Beach. For reasons that have never been revealed, the man accidentally dropped him. Zachary, just four months old, landed flat on his head. 

His mother, Brenda Warner, was called at her workplace and informed of what happened. Her baby had fallen on his head and had to deal with brain swelling and blindness. 

The situation was dire, and Zachary’s life was thought to be nearing its end at the hospital. A devastated Brenda traveled down to the hospital and did all within her power to help her son, who endured several seizures. 

The doctors were actively working to help Zachary get stable, but the seizures were a problem. So in a moment of desperation and faith, Brenda cried out to someone she thought could help. 

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She shouted, “Jesus, Jesus, let this be the last seizure.” The prayer seemed to have worked as the seizures stopped, and the then-infant miraculously lived despite the odds against him.

Zachary Taylor Warner’s Incident Changed His Mother’s Life 

Zachary Warner’s unfortunate brush with death so early left him as a special needs child and changed Brenda’s life. The devoted mother was deeply moved by what had happened to her son. That, along with some other heartbreaking events in her life, awoke within her strong faith and a desire to let other women in the country know her story. 

Brenda joined the Women of Faith tour, where she spoke about several things, including Zachary’s accident. Her tale resonated deeply with the audience. Despite the pain and heartbreak she passed through with what happened to Zachary, Brenda did not let it stop her from having more kids or a new family. 

During one of her speeches, Brenda pointed to the man she finally created a home with, Kurt Warner. She said, “I married that football player. He adopted my two, and we have five more.”

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Kurt Warner in football jersey
Kurt Warner smiling in a jersey (Source: Pinterest)

Kurt is Brenda’s second husband. Her first husband got her pregnant again after what happened with Zachary, but just before she gave birth, he jilted her for another woman. There is no information on what became of him.

It left Brenda no choice but to become a single mother of two, mainly surviving on food stamps. But through it all, she never lost her faith, and soon after, she met Kurt Warner. 

Zachary Became Kurt Warner’s Son

After Kurt Warner married his mother, Zachary became his adopted son. Before she started her faith-driven crusade, Brenda was best known as Kurt’s wife. 

Kurt Warner posing with his wife
Kurt and Brenda Warner (Source: Pinterest)

Brenda was always quick to defend him on social media, and she supported his career as well. He returned the same energy years later when the time came to help her initiative and even started working on building a special needs home for Zachary and others like him. 

The famous sports star discussed Zachary’s impact and how it now shadows their achievements. According to him, Zachary had impacted more lives because there is “something unique and special and honest about these individuals that see it like it is and call it as they see it.” 

Kurt and Brenda now use the NFL star’s platform to raise funds for their faith-driven initiatives. The couple share the same goals and have the same faith, making them a great team. They are proud to be one of the stars associated with special needs kids.

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