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Meet Kai Knapp, Ryan Philippe’s Love Child With Alexis Knapp

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Children are seen as a blessing to their parents, but sometimes, they are not wanted. This appears to be the case when it comes to Alexis Knapp’s daughter with Ryan Philippe, Kai Knapp.

Kai was born to Ryan Philippe and Alexis Knapp on July 1, 2011. Ryan is a famous actor with many outstanding acting credits to his name. 

Ryan Philippe
Ryan Philippe in a suit (Source: Pinterest)

Some of the movies he has appeared in include “Stop Loss,” “Flags of Our Fathers,” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” He also appeared in “Cruel Intentions,” “Shooter,” and”The Locksmiths.”

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Alexis is also a movie star. She is best known for her role in the “Pitch Perfect” film franchise as Stacie Conrad. The actress, who hails from Avonmore, Pennsylvania, has appeared in “The Anomaly,” “Project X,” “Vamp U,” and “The Accursed.”

The actress and Philippe dated briefly in mid-2010 and ended things around September of that year. According to reports, neither pair saw Kai’s birth coming and had gone their separate ways when Alexis found out she was pregnant. 

Introducing Kai Knapp, Alexis, and Philippe’s Love Child

Kai’s full name is Kailani Merizalde Philippe-Knapp. Due to the circumstances surrounding her birth, she took both her father’s and mother’s surnames. 

Kai was her mother’s first child and Philippe’s third. She became famous even before her birth because when Alexis revealed she was pregnant in March 2011, many started speculating about the father.

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By then, Alexis was far along and due to deliver in June 2011. However, there was no news on the father’s identity. Rumors about who it could be continued to circulate until Kai was born. Then it was revealed that it might be Philippe and that he had doubts the child was his. 

There was no public confirmation Kai was his, and amidst all the speculations, Alexis went ahead and welcomed her baby girl. Around that time, a source confessed that Alexis was certain Kai and Ryan Philippe were bound by blood. To that end, she told everyone who would listen; he was the father. 

They Were Seen Together in the Days Leading Up to the Delivery

Days before her delivery, Alexis and Philippe were seen grabbing coffee together. They still had not announced him as the father of the child she was carrying. 

Alexis Knapp dressed in black
Alexis posing in a black dress (Source: Pinterest)

It was also revealed that the actor had been aware of Kai since the beginning and was willing to take responsibility if she was really his. Philippe was present for the delivery, despite the lack of confirmation that he was the dad. 

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According to reports, the space for identifying Kai’s father on the birth certificate had Philippe’s name, confirming her paternity. The actor’s Wikipedia profile also lists him as Kai’s dad.

Alexis Knapp’s Daughter Shares a Tight Bond With Her 

Kai’s relationship with her father is quite uncertain, but many believe the actor is not playing his role as her father. For starters, he has never posted about her or made any declaration that claims her as his. However, he shares posts about his other two kids on social media. 

The opposite is true with Kai’s relationship with her mother. She shares a tight bond with Alexis, who loves her dearly and is very protective of her. 

Kai Knapp holding her mother
Kai Knapp posing with her mother in an outdoor shot (Source: Pinterest)

Kai does not own a social media account yet, but because Alexis enjoys sharing posts of her often on social media, her fans have a pretty good idea of how close they are. 

She has appeared in many clips shared by her mother, and in every one of them, their bond is evident. Kai seems right at home in front of the camera and has endeared many with her infectious energy. 

These days only a select number of people ever get to see Kai. This is because her mom made her social media accounts private. Like many other celebrities who fiercely protect their kids, Alexis takes no chance with social media messing with her child.

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