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Who Is Natalie Ortega’s Husband, Edward A. Ortega?

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A peek into the private life of Natalie Ortega’s husband, Edward .A. Ortega. You’ll be surprised at just how popular he is today.

If you’re a fan of movies and TV shows, you’ve probably seen Jenna Ortega on your screen a few times. This talented actress has been acting since she was a child and has recently risen to stardom in the movie industry.

From her debut in the TV series Rob (2012) to her breakout role in another TV series, Jane the Virgin (2016–2019). Let’s not forget her lead role in Netflix’s Wednesday (2022). Jenna Ortega’s career is surely on the rise!

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As Jenna Ortega’s role in Wednesday has exposed her to Hollywood fame, the 20-year-old megastar has often shared with her fans how supportive her father is and how he has contributed to her success as an actress.

How Popular Is Natalie Ortega’s Husband, Edward A. Ortega

Edward Ortega is the biological father of our Hollywood sweetheart, Jenna Ortega, and husband of Natalie Ortega for 25 years. You would think that having a famous daughter would make Edward Ortega popular on social media. Well, in his case, the opposite is the case. Despite his daughter’s massive popularity, particularly for her role in the series Wednesday, Edward Ortega has managed to stay away from the limelight.

Interestingly, Edward Ortega doesn’t seem to be a fan of social media at all. His only known account is his private Instagram account @champ3181, which has only 3 posts and 15 followers. This is nothing compared to his wife, Natalie Ortega, who has 78.4K followers on her Instagram account @natalieortega1. She shares photos and stories about her husband, children, and work on her account.

Edward Ortega and his grandchild (Source: Instagram)

While Edward Ortega is loved and praised by Jenna’s fans for his unwavering support and fatherly care, not much is known about him. this is a result of his private nature.

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Who Is Natalie Ortega’s Husband?

Natalie Ortega’s husband is Edward Ortega. Edward was born in April 1972. His Mexican parents were Anthony Larriva Ortega and his wife, the daughter of Fausto Perez and Everista Martinez. Although he is of Mexican-American descent, his family had moved to California generations before he was born. He grew up with more of an American upbringing than a Spanish one. Today the 51-year-old is a businessman by profession, while his wife, Natalie, works as an emergency nurse.

Edward Ortega and His wife Natalie Ortega on their 25th wedding anniversary (Source: Facebook)

Jenna Ortega Appreciates Her Father

While not much is known about Edward Ortega, almost everyone knows how supportive Edward is of his family. Thanks to how they always praise him. In fact, Jenna recently praised him in a tweet on Father’s Day for supporting her in achieving her dreams.
In her words:

“Happy Father’s Day to my amazing dad. Thank you for working so hard and supporting me in following my dreams.”

Edward Ortega’s Marriage

Edward Ortega and Natalie Ortega have been happily married for 33 years. And throughout their marriage, their love for each other has only waxed stronger. On September 21, 2021, when the couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, Natalie expressed how much she appreciated growing up with Edward, who loves both her and her children.

Natalie Ortega’s Husband: How Many Kids Do They Have?

Edward Ortega is a proud parent of six children, one of whom is Jenna. The names of his other five children are Mariah, Isaac, Mia, Aliyah, and Markus. Mariah, who is Edward and Natalie’s oldest child, prefers to keep a low profile like her father. While there isn’t much known about her, we know she is married with kids of her own.

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Isaac, the oldest son of the Ortega family, attends Grand Canyon University and previously studied at Xavier College Prep School.

Mia, who is Jenna Ortega’s closest sibling, has followed in her mother’s footsteps of becoming a social media star. She also appears to be closest to Jenna as they are seen teasing each other and having fun doing that.

Aliyah Ortega, Jenna’s immediate younger sister and twin to Markus, have also gained widespread popularity. Thanks to her connection to Jenna, as well as her beauty, cheerful nature, and knack for sports. Aliyah has become an independent social media star with over 112K subscribers on YouTube.

Markus, like his twin sister, has also gained popularity on social media. With over 6k subscribers on his YouTube channel and 30k followers on Instagram. As unique as each member of the Ortega family is, one trait they all share is their devotion to their family as a whole.

Edward Ortega with his wife Natalie Ortega on the graduation day of Aliya and Marcus, their twins.

Jenna Ortega Leaves Home

It’s been quite a year for Jenna Ortega, who moved out of her family house in 2022. Although Jenna’s father, Edward Ortega, didn’t comment on her move, her mother, Natalie Ortega, took to Instagram to share the news.

While we know little about Jenna’s father, we do have some juicy details on Will Arnett, the Hollywood father of three.

In the end, we wish Jenna all the best in her career and look forward to seeing what the future holds for her.

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