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Lisa Marie Presley’s Twins: The Story Surrounding Their Mother’s Death

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A peek into the life of Lisa Marie Presley’s twins and the death of their mother. How are they coping with Lisa’s sad death?

Lisa Marie Presley’s twins made their first public appearance on the 1st of February. Their public appearance was in honor of their mother, who would have turned 55 that day. This was 3 weeks after the shocking death of their mother, Lisa Marie Presley, who collapsed in their Calabasas home. The twins were spotted with their father, Micheal Lockwood, in Santa Monica. They were dressed casually while picking up refreshing iced beverages at a local cafe.

Lisa Marie Presley’s twins, Harper Vivienne Anne and Finley Aaron Love Lockwood are the youngest of Lisa’s children. Marie Presley had her twins with her fourth and ex-husband Micheal Lockwood, a guitarist. Lisa Marie Presley’s twins lived with their mum in her Calabasas home in California. However, following her death, the twins couldn’t move back into the house. They were still trying to heal from losing their mother, Lisa. 

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The twins weren’t in the limelight so much while their mother was here. However, on one occasion, their mum brought them with her when she was honored with a handprint at the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles in June 2022. She also shared their pictures on Instagram.

The Birth of Lisa Marie Presley’s Twins

Lisa Marie Presley’s twins were born to Lisa and her fourth and ex-husband, Micheal Lockwood on the 7th of October 2008.  Lisa and her ex-husband Michael had announced that they were having a baby earlier that year. However, fans weren’t aware that it was, in fact, twins until a few months later. 

Lisa’s mother, Priscilla Presley, who was present during the birth of her grandchildren Finley and Harper, commented on how happy she was to have grandchildren again.  

Finley and Harper Lockwood with their mum Lisa during the COVID period when the twins fostered pups (Source: Instagram@lisampresy)

Lisa Marie Presley’s twins grew under the watchful eyes and love of their mother, however, in 2016, after she had issues with her ex-husband Michael and filed for a divorce, the custody of the twins was fought for. Lisa Marie Presley’s twins had to move in with their grandma at the time to get away from the drama.

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Who Is Lisa Marie Presley?

Lisa Marie Presley was the daughter of the rock star, Elvis Presley born on February 1, 1968. Lisa released a handful of amazing albums and singles. Her album “To Whom It May Concern” ranked no.5  Billboard 200 albums chart and was certified gold in June 2003.

She had her first child Riley who is an actress and Ben her second child and only son who was a singer, with her ex-husband Danny Keough. Lisa Marie Presley was also married to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage but had no children with them.

Lisa Marie Presley’s Twins: A Fight for Their Custody

Marie Presley’s twins grew under the watchful eyes and love of their mother, however, in 2016, after she had issues with her ex-husband Michael and filed for a divorce, the custody of the twins was fought for. 

Lisa Marie’s twins had to move in with their grandma at the time to get away from the drama. Michael accused Lisa Marie Presley of being unstable due to the trauma from the death of her only son, Ben, who committed suicide. 

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The 7-year battle for custody of Lisa Marie Presley’s twins, however, has ended with Michael Lockwood having full custody of them. This news didn’t sit well with Riley, who has been overly protective of the twins since Lisa died.

Finley and Harper Lockwood: Their Relationship With Their Father Micheal Lockwood

Lisa Marie Presley’s twins were so close to their mum when she was here, and they do have a striking resemblance to her and their grandad, Elvis Presley. They loved living with their mother and weren’t very excited about staying away from her during the period their parents fought for custody over them. It is understandable how much grief they must be going through. However, that doesn’t say they aren’t close to their father. 

The twins served as their father’s grooms women when he wedded his new wife, Stephanie Hobgood, a celebrity hairstylist. They also recently signed a petition permitting their father to stand in for them as a spokesman in court during the ongoing Trust feud dragging between Priscilla Presley, Lisa’s mum, and their eldest sister Riley. The twins also have a great relationship with their eldest sister Riley. The twins are currently staying with their father.

Riley Keough with her twin sisters (Source: Instagram@rileykeough)

Lisa Marie Presley’s Death

Lisa Marie Presley died January 12th, 2023 from a Cardiac arrest after collapsing in her Calabasas home. Her house caregiver and her 3rd ex-husband Danny Keough were present in her home when she collapsed. He was reported to have been giving her CPR still the medics arrived. Lisa was rushed to the West Hills Hospital in Los Angeles where her heart was restarted. Unfortunately, she passed away later that day at the age of 54.

Lisa and her children (Source: Instagram@lisampresly)

Lisa Marie Presley’s friend Sarah Ferguson, in her interview with PageSix, said she believed that Lisa Marie Presley might have died from heartbreak as a result of losing her son whom she loved so much. Though Lisa died of cardiac arrest, we can’t say for sure that she was from grief. This is because she stated in honor of National Grief Awareness Day, that she was willing to move on and stay strong for her girls despite her grief.

Feud Over Lisa Marie Presley’s Will

While Lisa Marie Presley’s twins grieve over the loss of their mother, their grandma has made claim over Lisa Marie Presley’s Trust. According to Lisa’s will which has been reported to have been revised by Lisa herself, she excluded her mother.

Priscilla Presley however, claims that the revision is false. However, in March 2023, multiple sources told PEOPLE that Priscilla Presley and Lisa weren’t on talking terms. Hence, Lisa willed her Trust which includes Elvis’ Graceland property and 15% ownership of Elvis’ estate to her children. She also gave her two life insurance policies, one for $25 million and another for $10 million, to her children, Riley, Finley, and Harper Lockwood, who meant the world to her.

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