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Who Is Kalani Miller, Kelly Slater’s Girlfriend? What You Need To Know

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Kelly Slater has been with Kalani Miller for several years, but they are not married. He hopes to marry her someday.

Kelly Slater has been called the greatest surfer on earth. The activity is something he enjoys, so it’s not surprising that he met his girlfriend, Kalani Miller, through it. 

Slater is reportedly worth more than $30 million currently, most of which was made from surfing competitions. 

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Kelly Slater surfing
Image: Twitter

The talented surfer has 11 world titles and 55 career victories under his belt, and he says he is not stopping till he is 90.   

Besides surfing, he also makes money from sponsorship deals and several other ventures. The talented surfer may not be a Baker, but he certainly has his fingers in a lot of pies.  

His business interests span apparel, surfwear, surfboards, beverages, and even indoor wave pools. 

Who is Kalani Miller? 

Kalani Miller is a professional surfer, the founder of the fashion label called Mikoh, and the woman who won Kelly Slater’s heart. The pair have been together for several years now and are still going strong. 

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Kelly Slater and Girlfriend Kalani Miller
Image: Kalani Miller/Instagram

It was thanks to their love of surfing that the pair were already able to meet in the first place. According to reports, their first meeting was at an industry event that was held in San Diego. 

The pair struck it off on their first date in France and decided to stick with each other. A love story that has endured many years with many more to come. 

The bond has since grown and now the pair have been together for close to two decades. This is longer than many celebrity marriages; however, for this pair, it may simply be the beginning of forever.

Kalani Miller and Kelly Slater Have Sizzling Chemistry Both Offline And Online

Slater and Miller may be taking things slow when it comes to marriage, but it is obvious their chemistry is off the charts. 

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Earlier this year, a day after Valentine’s, Miller took to her Instagram page to gush over her beau. She acknowledged that her tribute was a little late but that every day was Valentine’s with Slater. 

Miller paired the post up with an old picture of her and Slater looking happy. She called it a “happy goodie pic.” 

Kalani Miller and Kelly Slater throwback

Slater is famous for how much he supports Miller in all her endeavors. In fact, there have been many instances where Slater has commented directly on her activities, praising her work or just weighing in with his opinions. 

When she’s not on Instagram gushing over what they have, Miller can be found expressing gratitude for all his support and encouragement. It is clear that they both rely on each other, and their fans can’t get enough of it. 

Unfortunately, despite all their chemistry, the pair have not divulged any plans to get married. However, if it will ever happen, Kalani Miller seems like the best bet. 

When Miller spoke about it in a past interview, she sounded confident. She said that it would hopefully happen one day, but for now, they are too busy with their lives to get it done. 

If They Tie The Knot, Kalani Miller Would Become Stepmom To His Child

Kelly Slater has been romantically linked to several other women in the past. Some of them include Pamela Anderson, whom he had an on-off relationship with, Gisele Bundchen, and even Cameron Diaz. 

One of his past relationships was what led to the birth of his first and only child so far, Taylor Mitchell. 

He shares her with Tamara Mitchell, and even though he is no longer with Tamara, Slater enjoys a great father-daughter relationship with Taylor.

She has been known to share pictures of him as well as birthday tributes, demonstrating their strong bond even though he was absent in her formative years. 

Slater hopes to marry Miller in the nearest future, which will make her stepmom to Taylor, who loves him just as deeply. 

Now, the question on everyone’s minds is: when will it be? 

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