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Tyrus’ Wife Helped Him Lose Weight: Here Are Some Unknown Facts About Her

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Tyrus’ wife is none other than Ingrid Rinck, a woman who has no formal education but was able to build an empire. 

Not a lot of people know that as she is less famous than her husband, Tyrus. He has enjoyed professional success in the world of wrestling, as a political commentator, and as an actor. 

Image: Tyrus/Instagram

As a wrestler in WWE, he wrestled under the alias “Brodus Clay” and now as “Tyrus” with the National Wrestling Alliance. Given his success, it is not shocking to find out that he has a woman like Ingrid to support him. 

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The pro wrestler has praised Ingrid in the past for effecting several positive changes with him, including helping him lose as much as 125 pounds thanks to her healthy eating program. 

His stellar reviews have made many curious about who Ingrid is and what she is about. However, as she is not a star herself, only a few know she is a superhero in the real flesh. 

Unknown Facts About Tyrus’s Wife

Here are some lesser-known facts about Tyrus’ wife, Ingrid Rinck.

Tyrus’ Wife Has A Strong Bond With Her Father

Tyrus’s wife, Ingrid Rinck, was born on April 24, 1981. Very little is known about her origins; however, some reports claim that her father, Gary Rinck, is a high school graduate. She shares a tight bond with him that has endured this far, and he is known to have played a major role in the set-up of her company, Sensible Meals. 

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Ingrid Rinck
Image: Ingrid Rinck/Instagram

Reports claim that he helped her start a packaging facility called Rinck Packaging during the pandemic to aid her business, which is supposed to be a meal prep service but has morphed into a company that promotes sensible eating. 

Tyrus’ Wife Was Once Broke

Ingrid’s company was founded in 2014. She once stated that she was 100 pounds overweight when she created it, practically broke with only $50 to her name, pregnant for a man who didn’t want her, and trapped in a custody battle. Her business was what she believed could save her, and it did. 

Ingrid was inspired to pay more attention to healthy eating when one of her boys was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes. Ingrid once revealed that she suffers from “debilitating anxiety” that triggers her binge eating disorder. Fortunately, her company has helped her stay stable and get back on track following any attack. 

Ingrid Did Not Attend College

She is a high school graduate, and that accomplishment remains her highest level of education. The fitness expert is worth around $2.5 million, and her success continues to evolve. 

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Ingrid realized that she had a thing for fitness when she was 15. She had joined a fitness class, enjoyed the experience, and returned to teach the same class the following year. She has not stopped since then and has been able to make a name for herself in that niche. 

Tyrus’ Wife Is A Mother Of Three

Ingrid is a mother of three. Two among them are boys named Rhett and Rock, products of one of her previous relationships. The third is a girl named Georgie, and she is currently the only child Ingrid has with Tyrus. 

Tyrus allegedly gave her the “proposal” years after their marriage. However, nobody knows when the pair tied the knot. They welcomed their child in May 2014. 

Tyrus Wife and Kids
Image: Ingrid Rinck/Instagram

Her favorite place to live is in Mandeville, Louisiana. In fact, Tyrus once confessed that he had to move there to be with her because she was obstinate about not moving away from there. Not even for him. 

What Tyrus Is Up To These Days 

Tyrus may have moved on from WWE, but he is still very passionate about wrestling. As mentioned earlier, he is currently with the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), where he is at the top. 

He joined the NWA in 2021, and since then, he has won the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship at Hard Times 3 and defended his belt against Matt Cardona at Nuff Said.

Tyrus has also managed to retain his role as a Fox News personality, working alongside Greg Gutfeld and Kat Timpf on “Gutfeld!” 

Everything seems to be going smoothly for the pro wrestler. He has a successful wife who loves and supports him, great kids, and a job he is passionate about. Truly a blessed man in all ramifications. 

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