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Meet Terry Crews’ Wife, the Woman Behind His Success

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Terry Crews’ wife Rebecca King plays more than the wife role in the actor’s life, as he never fails to admit while singing her praise.

In April 2022, actor Terry Crews released a new book, “Tough: My Journey to True Power” where he discussed some surprising details about his life, marriage and personal battles. The book also touched on some of the challenges he had to overcome in the course of his life, including a traumatic childhood, the resulting anger issues and his battle with addictions.

While most of these experiences took him bouts of willpower to surpass, he admittedly owes the majority of his wins to his wife of several decades Rebecca King Crews.

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Terry Crews once recalled how his wife taught him to deal with his anger issues, by helping him understand when he went overboard with his actions. Recalling the life-changing advice she gave him, Crews divulged:

“You have to understand, you’re going to lose everything. At a minimum, you’re gonna get sued. And at a maximum, someone’s going to kill you. Either the police or you come up on the wrong guy on the wrong day.”

Rebecca made it clear to her husband that she and the kids still needed him, before making him promise to always walk away from violent confrontations rather than indulge his anger.

The former NFL star made that promise and has been able to live up to it with the help of some therapy and his wife’s continuous guidance. So a remarkable woman, wife and mother? What else is known about the wife of actor Terry Crews?

Who Is The Wife Of Terry Crews?

Terry Crews is married to wife, Rebecca King-Crews, a talented singer, actress, producer, TV personality and businesswoman. She came into the world on December 24, 1965, making her 56 years old as of October 2022.

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The African-American songstress is a native of Benton Harbor, Michigan, her birthplace. However, Rebecca King-Crews spent her childhood growing up with her parents, Samuel Dean King and Anna Mae Parks in Gary, Indiana.

Terry Crews’ wife has two younger siblings Elizabeth Jane and Samuel Taylor who like her, took after their parent’s knack for music.

What Does She Do?

After pursuing music and theatre in college, Rebecca King-Crews eventually made a career out of it. However, rather than focus on excelling in front of the cameras, she has established herself in the business side of showbiz.

She runs various music and entertainment production companies, sniffing out upcoming talents and leading them on the right track. Additionally, she is an executive producer and has a few singing and acting credits.

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As a singer, Rebecca focuses on gospel music and serves as songwriter, singer, and producer for the gospel singing group Chosen One. The songstress, who began writing songs as early as nine, admits that her lyrics are mostly influenced by her Christian beliefs.

She also found fame as an actress, with appearances in local theatre productions and some big screen projects like “Evita, ” “Pippin,” and “The Music Man.”

In 2010, she shot into the spotlight appearing in the reality television show, “The Family Crews” alongside her husband and kids. The show ran for two seasons before going off-air due to poor ratings.

How Did Terry Crews Land His Extraordinary Wife?

Terry Crews is married to wife Rebecca King-Crews, who has been part of his life for over 33 years. The twosome became man and wife in 1989, years after meeting in college and kicking off their romance.

At the time of their meeting, Terry played college football at Michigan University while Rebecca majored in music and theatre. Admittedly, theirs wasn’t love at first sight.

Contrariwise, Rebecca once admitted she found him too nice to a fault when they first met. As a result, she did not fancy him much and almost left him stuck in the friend zone. Luckily, he got his act together, eventually winning over the love of his life.

Terry Crews And His Wife Have Five Kids

Rebeca King-Crews is a mom to five amazing children, sharing four with her husband Terry Crews. She welcomed her first child, daughter Naomi Burton-Crews during a previous relationship.

Notably, Crews stepped in as Naomi’s father following their marriage and has played the role amazingly to date. Her second child Azriel Crews arrived in 1990, shortly after their marriage. 

Terry Crews with his wife and kids | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

The couple became parents again with the arrival of their daughter Terra Crews in 1999. Next, they welcomed their youngest daughter, Wynfrey Crews in 2004. Now eighteen, the youngster is nurturing her passion for photography.

Terry Crews and his wife are also parents to son, Isaiah Crews. The youngster, who remains their only son, joined the family in 2005, and like his parents, has an interest in the arts. Since 2020, he has showcased his acting prowess in the Nickelodeon series, “Side Hustle.”

Through their marital struggles, Terry and Rebecca have remained steadfast, with their kids serving as motivation to keep growing stronger. Thanks to their resilience, the twosome have bounced back from every challenge that came their way, from Terry’s struggles with porn addiction to Rebeca’s battle with cancer.

For Terry, marriage has not always been a bed of roses, with multiple challenges coming his way. But thanks to his wife, the actor has surpassed the most challenging marital woes and emerged on the other side.

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