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What Is Terry Crews’ Net Worth? Inside the Football Star’s Adventurous Career

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After a short-lived NFL career, Terry Crews ventured into the world of showbiz, earning the bulk of his net worth in the last two decades.

For Terry Crews, the decision to drop one passion (football) for another did not come easy, especially when he was good at the former and had a promising career in it.

For years, he maintained a semi-successful career as a footballer, playing defensive end and linebacker for various teams both at the collegiate level and in the NFL.

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Soon, the glam of showbiz called louder, causing the icon to quit basketball and embrace acting and other entertainment ventures.

What is Terry Crews net worth, Terry Crews | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

That decision to listen to his heart paid off, as today, Terry Crews has an impressive net worth, more than he ever made from his career as an athlete. So how did he attain so much success in the industry within a short time, and how much is he worth?

What Is Terry Crews Net Worth?

Terry Crews has a net worth of 25 million dollars according to Celebrity Net Worth. He earned the figure through his work as an actor and former American football player.

His career has seen him play for various NFL teams, star in numerous films and series, and host a handful of television shows.  Having dabbled into these areas in the last decade, this entertainer certainly deserved every bit of his earnings.

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Terry Crews’ Stint As A Football Star

Born Terrance Alan Crews in July 1968, in Michigan, the 54-year-old dabbled into various activities growing up, including playing the flute and football.

After a successful athletic stint in high school, Crews secured a scholarship to Western Michigan University. There, he played defensive end for the Broncos, until he was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in 1991. 

Young Terry Crews as an NFL player | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

He continued in the NFL for years, playing for the Rams, the Chargers, the Eagles and the Redskins. However, his earnings as an athlete were so low that Crews opted to earn extra cash painting for his teammates.

Terry Crews Earned A Huge Part Of His Net Worth From Acting

In 1997, after seven years in the NFL, the athlete decided to quit his sports career and dabble in acting. He joined the cast of the game show, “Battle Dome,” in 1999 as a character athlete.

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Afterward, he appeared in various music videos before finally snagging a major role in “Friday After Next,” also starring Ice Cube. He went on to snag career-defining roles on White chicks, Everybody Hates Chris, and “Are We There Yet,” skyrocketing him to superstardom.

More movie roles followed afterward, each having roots in comedy. Additionally, he appeared in action flicks like “The Expendables,” and “Deadpool 2,” and snagged some voice-acting gigs.

Terry Crews as Julius on Everybody Hates Chris | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Crews’ Career As A Show Host

Terry Crews has attained record success and fame in his entertainment career, with each gig opening him up to newer ones. These days, the actor has established himself more as a TV host, with shows like “America’s Got Talent,” which he has championed since 2019.

He also hosted the game show, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” and “Beastmaster” at some point in his career. Endorsement deals and commercials for brands like Old Spice have reportedly made the actor up to $6 million. These ventures contributed to boosting the net worth of Terry Crews.

What Does Terry Crews’ Life Look Like Outside His Career?

Having earned global recognition and money through his showbiz venture, Crews has managed to lead a comfortable life outside his career.

He is a devoted husband and father, enjoying marital bliss with his wife Rebecca King since 1989. Despite numerous struggles along the way, including Crews’ battle with porn addiction and a stint in rehab, the duo managed to hash it out.

Terry Crews and his wife | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Today, Terry Crews and his wife are proud parents to five children and a handful of grandkids.

The star also dedicates time and financial resources to various charity organisations in a bid to give back to the community. Some of his affiliations include A Place Called Home, American Heart Association, Cancer Research Institute, Muhammed Ali Parkinson’s Center and Celebrity Flight Night Foundation.

Throughout his career, he has impacted many lives, from those in need to many upcoming and established artists including actor Tyler James Williams.

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