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What Is Tyler James Williams’ Net Worth? Four Things About the Actor

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After more than ten years in the industry and multiple top-rated movies, what is Tyler James Williams’ net worth?

Since his breakout as a titular character in the popular comedy series “Everybody Hates Chris,” Tyler James Williams has remained an ever-present in Hollywood. Just 13 years old when the show debuted, Tyler grew in stature as the series aired.

Although that wasn’t his first rodeo in the entertainment industry, it proved to be the most impactful. Tyler developed as a performer working with established stars like Terry Crews and Chris Rock. “Everybody Hates Chris” ran for four years, from 2005 to 2009.

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Before the show ended, Tyler voiced a blue teammate in the film “The Ant Bully” in 2006. As soon as “Everybody Hates Chris” ended, he landed guest roles in the series “The Cleaner and “True Jackson, VP.” That same year he portrayed Charles Goldfinch in the Christmas comedy film “Unaccomplished Minors.” 

Tyler James Williams
Image: Pinterest

In 2010 he worked as a voice actor in the series “Batman: The Brave and the Bold.” Then in 2012, his performance in “Let It Shine” brought more attention to the actor. Tyler also showed off his musical skills in the movie, which earned him positive praises from critics.

Tyler returned to sitcom in “Go On” as Owen Lewis before starring in the comedy film “Peeples” in 2013. He has since appeared in other top-rated movies like “Dear White People,” “The Walking Dead,” “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,” and “Abbott Elementary.”

Tyler James Williams’ Net Worth

Tyler has starred in the industry for over ten years in multiple box office movies. Although his career hasn’t caught fire like most child stars, he has done quite well for himself financially.

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According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tyler James Williams is currently worth about $5 million. Most of his earnings come from movies, especially box office hits like “Peeples,” “Dear White People,” and “Let It Shine.” The first two movies grossed over 9.3 million and 4.6 million, respectively.

Also, the actor lives a modest and frugal lifestyle. According to multiple reports, Tyler lives with his brother instead of s plashing millions on an apartment.

Who Is Tyler James Williams’ Girlfriend?

Tyler might be one of the most famous actors of his generation, but unlike many, he keeps his personal life very private. The actor’s love life is a topic of debate among fans since Tyler has never come out to announce his romantic partners publicly.

Although multiple top ladies in Hollywood have been linked to him on and off the screen, none has stuck for long. Presently, details of Tyler’s love life remain unknown.

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Who Has Tyler James Williams’ Dated?

Since his fame, Tyler James Williams has kept details of his love life very close to his heart. However, since he won’t speak about it, people have learned a bit from clues the actor has left. 

Some ladies romantically linked to the actor include Russsian-American model and actress Anastasia Baranova. The actress, one of the stars of the series “Z Nation,” and Tyler were rumored to be together in 2015. 

However, it took two years before the pair went public with their relationship. Then, in 2007, they shared multiple pictures in now-deleted Instagram posts. Sadly it looks like they’ve since ended things.

Tyler James Williams and Keke Palmer
Image: Pinterest

Before Anastasia, Tyler briefly dated singer Karina Pasian. Although they never publicly confirmed their relationship, they appeared together at multiple events. The actor even starred in Karina’s music video for her 2014 single “Solitaire.”

Another high-profile relationship Tyler reportedly had was with actress Keke Palmer. The pair allegedly dated while they were teenagers, just as their careers took off. However, Tyler and Keke broke it off in 2008 after about 18 months. 

Tyler James Williams’ Accused Of Being Anti-Black

In 2018 a Twitter user called out Tyler and used his interracial relationship as an example of men abandoning black women. The user attached a collage of photos of two smiling interracial couples and a brunette carrying a Play Station 4 to her car. 

In one of the pictures, Tyler appeared smiling in the background. The picture in question appeared to be his high school prom photo. The user captioned the picture:

 “I tell black men all the time the Grass is greener & more beautiful on the other side…. Why go home to a self-entitled, combative, $5 median battle cat…. When you can go home to peace, Nurturing & caring nature, love, and happiness…. She pays half the bills because she understands it takes 2 to hold down a household in today’s society.

The user also implied that white women are the real women and that black men should date them. The post offended Tyler because the user used his picture to characterize Black women as unlovable. The actor replied:

I feel like I need to address this cause this dumb*ss used my face. I date who I date because that’s who I vibe with at the time. Any ethnicity. The grass ain’t greener nowhere. You’ve got a problem with black women cause you a weak *ss man, fam. And this post proves it.”

Although Tyler keeps the information about his life private, the actor felt he needed to reject the user’s projection. He also used the medium to defend black women and confirm he doesn’t discriminate regarding his love life.

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