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Does Tyler James Williams have a Girlfriend? A Look into the Actor’s Dating History

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While Tyler James Williams has played a love interest to numerous actresses on screen, his romantic life off the screen proves elusive, leaving many curious about his girlfriend.

Tyler James Williams rose to fame as the title character on the sitcom, “Everybody Hates Chris.” Since then, he has kept busy with his career, starring in several movies and television shows over the years.

Although his career profile has been impressive so far, his romantic life has managed to pique the curiosity of his fans in recent times.

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He has been linked with some famous women both on and off the screen since the onset of his career. However, his offscreen affairs seem to fizzle out almost as soon as they hit the headlines. 

Hence, details about the life of Tyler James Williams and information about his present girlfriend seem to have eluded the public.

Does Tyler James Williams Have A Girlfriend?

Tyler James Williams has not been linked with any woman recently, making it safe to say he has no wife or girlfriend. He has also never been married, nor has any known kids.

While Williams has never married, he has lived through several relationships in the past, which made their way to the tabloids. He also became embroiled in dating rumors with the likes of Keke Palmer which went unconfirmed.

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Who Were Tyler James Williams’ Previous Girlfriends?

Although it is currently unclear whether or not Tyler James Williams is dating anyone at the moment, a bit is known about the identities of some of his exes.

His last known romance was with Russian-American model and actress Anastasia Baranova. Before that, he had a thing with singer Karina Pasian. However, the exact timeline of both relationships remains unclear.

Anastasia Baranova

Williams and model Anastasia Baranova reportedly kicked off their affair sometime around 2015, when rumors about their involvement began to swirl. However, neither addressed the dating rumors nor made any move suggesting a budding romance for years.

That changed in 2017 when they shared a series of photos on Instagram showing them together. Their romance flourished for a while until fans noticed they deleted photos of each other on social media, signifying the end of their romance.

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Karina Pasian

Before kicking things off with Baranova, Tyler James Williams was linked with another girlfriend Karina Pasian. Although it is unclear when the former couple began dating, it appears they called things off sometime in 2015.

Williams and the “Solitaire” crooner never made their romance public nor confirmed it. However, they attended several events as a couple throughout their relationship. Additionally, the “Abbot Elementary” star appeared in the music video of “Solitaire” in 2014.

The icon also took to social media on occasions to gush about his girlfriend. In a 2013 tweet, William supposedly bragged about his “girlfriend’s” voice, saying “my girlfriend sings better than yours,” and tagging Pasian in the post.

Were Keke Palmer And Tyler James Williams Ever A Couple?

Tyler James Williams and former girlfriend Keke Palmer | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Another high-profile figure embroiled in Williams’ dating history is Keke Palmer, the actress and TV host. The two were rumored to have dated as teenagers, at the onset of their respective careers.

According to reports, the 29-year-old and the “Akeelah And The Bee” actress split in 2008, after about eighteen months together. They went on to forge ahead in their careers, becoming household names.

What Is Williams’ Preference In Women?

Since his split from Baranova, Wiliams seems to have taken a step back from the dating game. Yet, his romantic life and preferences have been subject to media speculation.

In 2018, “The Walking Dead” actor faced backlash after an alleged tweet from him dishing out anti-black women statements surfaced. The derogatory post implied the icon preferred women “on the other side” rather than “self-entitled black women.”

However, Williams wouldn’t have that. He took to social media immediately to debunk the tweet, calling the poster out for impersonating him. He went on to clarify:

“I date who I date because that’s who I vibe with at the time. Any ethnicity. The grass isn’t greener anywhere.”

After addressing the racial discrepancies in the post, the star finally put the hearts of his numerous fans to rest. Clearing the air at the nick of time certainly stopped Williams from joining the league of celebrities canceled over their questionable, discriminative remarks on social media over race, sexuality or other sensitive subjects.

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