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What Is Sir Tom Jones’ Net Worth? Four Interesting Facts About the Irish Iconic Musician.

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Sir Tom Jones’ net worth is a huge indication of how successful the welsh born musician has been in over 50 years career. 

Welsh singer Sir Tom Jones has lived his life as one of the most successful musicians of his generation. Since he started his musical career in the 1960s, Jones has consistently showcased his talents to the world.

He first started his singing exploits by joining the band “The Senators.” The group succeeded in the music market, becoming one of the most famous bands of that time. After a year, Jones met Gordon Mills, who became his manager. At Mills’ direction, the singer who went by the name Tommy Scott changed his name to Tom Jones.

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Sir Tom Jones
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Mills also got him a record deal with Decca Records. However, Jones’ first single with the label “Chills nd Fever” did not do very well commercially. Yet, that narrative changed when “It’s Not Unusual,” his second single, got released in 1965.

The song quickly rose to number one on the British charts and was also a top 10 hit in America. For the subsequent years, Jones released an array of top charting hit songs, including “One Upon a time” and “With These Hands.” His profile also rose, with Jones lending his talents to produce movie soundtracks. Jones also sang “Thunderball,” a title track for the James Bond film of the same name.

In 1966 the singer performed the theme song to the Warren Beatty comedy “Promise Her Anything.” Jones also won a Grammy as the Best New Artist that same year. He even got his TV show, “This is Tom Jones,” which aired from 1968 to 1971.

He has countless albums and awards to his name and performed for President Bill Clinton and Queen Elizabeth. In 2012, the singer also became a judge on the singing reality show “The Voice.”

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Sir Tom Jones’ Net Worth

Only a few musical artists can boast of Jones’s success in his decade-long career. He is also one of the most famous vocalists of the 1960s and is still relevant today. Jones has sold over 100 million records throughout his career, including 36 Top 40 hits in the UK. The singer has also starred in popular movies like “Fantasy Island” and “Prince of Bel Air.”

His exploits in the entertainment industry, including becoming a reality TV judge, have paid off financially for him. Jones also deals in real estate, buying and reselling mansions twice the amount he paid. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tom Jones is worth a whopping $300 million.

The Queen Knighted Jones in 2006

In 2006, Jones received one of the greatest honors of his life when the Queen knighted him at Buckingham palace for his services to music. The welsh born musician dressed in tails and sported a goatee beard while kneeling beneath the sword.

Sir Tom Jones Knighted
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After the event, Jones noted that accepting the knighthood was a great and humbling experience. With the title, Jones joined the likes of Sidney Poitier as celebrities to be knighted. He said:

“It is fantastic. It was lovely to see the Queen again. I love seeing the Queen and I have always been a royalist. She is lovely and she still is lovely. She has got a great smile and her whole face lights up when she smiles.”

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Jones also disclosed that the Queen lauded him for bringing joy to many people through his decade-long career. The singer stated that since he started his career, things have gotten better and better. Jones explained that it was the best feeling he had ever had and sometimes found it hard to believe how far he had come.

He Had Sex With Over 250 Women

Although Jones remained married to his wife Linda for more than five decades, until her death in 2016, the singer also had countless affairs with many women. Despite praising his wife publicly, Jones lived a promiscuous life at the height of his career.

The singer has publicly spoken about his sexual exploits, once claiming he slept with over 250 women yearly. Some of the women linked to him include Mary Wilson of “The Supremes,” with whom he had a two-year fling.

Another woman linked to Jones was the then Miss World Marjorie Wallace. Also, American author Charlotte Laws claimed they had a three-year fling. In 2015 Jones addressed his sex life, noting it had become a big topic in the media.

The singer proclaimed that his sex life is not what makes him tick and that he has no regrets: Jones noted:

“With everyone famous, not just me. They always bring sex into it. It’s part of life of course, or we’d all die out. But what’s important is why are you different, what’s unique? I don’t regret anything.”

Jones Released His 41st Album in 2021

In April 2021, Jones released his 41st album, “Surrounded by Time,” his first since 2015. The singer, who had also lost his wife in 2016, explained that he needed to express himself through music again.

During the album’s announcement two months prior, Jones explained the meaning behind the title. The singer stated:

“Who expects what is always so completely unexpected? My personal clock start [sic] ticking in 1940, and with all the magnificent strangeness of life on the planet both speeding up and slowing down, the album is titled Surrounded by Time.”

The album featured a couple of songs, including one featuring his son Mark and Ethan Johns titled “Samson and Delilah.” Other songs include a cover of Bernice Johnson Reagon’s “I Won’t Crumble With You if You Fall,” Michael Legrand, and Alan and Marilyn Bergman’s “The Windmills of Your Mind.”

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