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What Happens When Mark Wahlberg Gets Confused for Matt Damon?

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Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon do not look similar to one another yet fans confuse them for each other. Here’s how the actors respond.

Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon are some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Since the beginning of their careers, the actors have successfully made a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. 

They have both appeared in countless blockbuster movies, and the actors are well-known for their distinctive acting skills. While Wahlberg often fuses comedy with action, Damon is a straight-up action movie star.

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Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon
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However, since both actors rose to prominence, people have noted similarities. One dominant trait is that the actors both get confused for one another, although this seems a bit strange. 

If you’re looking at both actors from afar, you might struggle to find a similarity. They both have distinct builds, with Wahlberg a lot bulkier than Damon. Also, their facial features are completely different, which is even more noticeable in their smile. 

Even if you place them side by side, the actors do not resemble one another at all. The only similarity is both have similar heights, although Damon is a bit taller. Still, some fans often mistake one for the other. 

The actors have also noticed that people seem to confuse them with one another. The actors have gotten mistaken for one another in their action movies, and some fans would often wrongly attribute one movie to the other. 

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Occasionally, these fans would walk up to congratulate them for a movie they didn’t even appear in. However, while some celebrities might not take kindly to this, Wahlberg and Damon have a comical reply when fans make this mistake. 

Damon and Wahlberg’s Reaction To Fans 

Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon have deciphered a funny way of reacting when fans confuse them for one another. But, well, the actors simply do not correct these fans. A fan, Angelique Gawker, once met Wahlberg but instead screamed ‘Matt Damon!’ at him before getting a picture of herself with the actor. Gawker subsequently sent the picture of herself with Wahlberg to a friend with the wrong impression of who he was. 

The friend then sent her a screenshot of Matt Damon, and it was only then that Gawker realized she had made a huge mistake. The exchange later ended on Wahlberg’s Facebook page, where the actor wrote “close enough.” Afterward, she went to his page and wrote

“Sorry for the mistake. My mom and I saw him and I yelled out Matt Damon. I knew all his movies but I confused the two awesome actors.”

Besides this incident, Wahlberg and Damon have experienced similar situations of people confusing one for the other.  However, the actors simply play along and say ‘thank you’ to those fans. 

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Wahlberg and Damon Are very Good Friends

Besides getting confused for one another, Wahlberg and Damon are also very good friends. They are both leading Hollywood actors and natives of Boston. The duo also have friends in common, especially American Football star Tom Brady and actor Ben Affleck. The trio is very close due to their connection to Boston. Tom Brady even once tagged them as “the Boston crew. 

The actors even sometimes get territorial about their beloved Boston. During an interview, Wahlberg once spoke about how he has made more movies about their city than Damon and Affleck. He said

“I think I’ve made more movies about Boston than them. “But we can all co-exist. They can have Cambridge and everything on that side of the bridge. And everything this way, towards the hood, that is mine. I’ve been to their neck of the woods. I’m not sure they’ve spent that much time in mine.”

However, he also praised the actors for their works and stated that the city was big enough for all three of them. Wahlberg concluded that there are so many great Boston stories still to tell. 

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