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The Real Reason Tom Brady Called out Max Kellerman in Cryptic Super Bowl Tweet

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Six years after Max Kellerman predicted doom for Tom Brady’s career, the Seven-time Super Bowl champion responded with a shady tweet that left the media in a frenzy.

A perceived brewing feud between NFL legend Tom Brady and ESPN analyst Max Kellerman saw a revival following a July 2022 tweet referencing the former’s Super Bowl wins. The two-sport figures, who have each excelled in their respective fields, became engrossed in another face-off, forcing fans to take sides.

The internet onslaught began after Dolphins star Tom Brady took to Twitter to respond to a post referencing a prediction the sports analyst made about him years back.

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Tom Brady at the Super Bowl and Max Kellerman | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Why Did Tom Brady Call Out Max Kellerman In Super Bowl Tweet?

Back in 2016, Kellerman stirred the tides by declaring that Tom Brady’s career was done for. He also implied that the athlete’s days of glory were nearing an end, likening him to “a bum in short order.”

Doing more damage, the TV personality predicted that Brady was going to fall off a cliff, referring to the predicted spiral. Six years later, Kellerman’s prediction couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Rather than experience the last days of his career, Brady has achieved more career excellence, adding three more Super Bowl wins to his belts, plus a record number of trophies and accolades.

In July, Twitter account @Barstool Sports couldn’t help but reopen old wounds, throwing shade at the ESPN star. The tweet acknowledged Tom Brady’s Super Bowl achievements so far, invariably spelling out Kellerman’s defeat. It read:

“6 years ago today, Max Kellerman declared that Tom Brady was going to fall off a CLIFF. Tom Brady has won 3 Super Bowls since. Might win a 4th.”

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Bringing this up again caused the two public figures to butt heads on social media, each having a message of their own.

Tom Brady’s Message To Kellerman In Response To Super Bowl Tweet

Following the now viral Super Bowl tweet, Tom Hardy could not resist the urge to brag to the analyst about his accomplishments. Tagging the 49-year-old, the former Patriots champion chipped in his subtle message for him, writing:

“Ratio + I have a swimwear line now.”

He concluded the response with a thumbs up, further fanning the flame. While this wasn’t the first time the “First Take” co-host has made a wrong prediction throughout his career, a direct attack on one of the greatest athletes of all time came off too strong, and not many were willing to let it slide.

Fans took to the comment section to blast Kellerman. One fan wondered if the ESPN star was “still around or had fallen off a cliff of his own,” while others described the analyst as confused about his race and expertise.

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Kellerman Failed To Take The Fall Sitting Down

Despite his obvious fluke, Kellerman seemed unwilling to take the fall sitting down. Referencing Tom Brady’s reaction to the super Bowl tweet, the icon chided the athlete, implying that having “only three” Super Bowls since 2016 hardly counted as excellence. He tweeted:

“You’ve only won 3 Super Bowls since then. Calm down.”

Several fans failed to see the sarcasm in the response, taking to the platform to roast Kellerman for handling defeat poorly. Political commentator Nick Adams also weighed in on Kellerman’s response, criticizing him for having a take on sports that were as bad as his political takes.

Perhaps his involvement wasn’t a great idea after all, as fans immediately turned on the political commentator, calling him out for failing to see the sarcasm in Kellerman’s comment.

Is There Really A Feud Between Tom Brady And Max Kellerman?

The inciting comments and tweets shared between the two sports personalities have led to speculations of an ongoing feud between the duo. However, it seems almost unlikely, especially when their heated exchanges are considered on a lighter note. A fan pointed out:

“I don’t see why folks keep dunking on Kellerman for taking the rational position. How was he supposed to know Brady’s the only human being in history to not fall off a cliff by now?… Brady beat the odds, that’s it.”

Sure enough, the sports analyst admitted to being wrong months prior, saying he simply considered the actuary tables. He made his admissions in October 2020, on the heels of the sports legend’s consecutive defeats against the Raiders and the Packers.

According to him, Brady’s ability to pull off a heart trick and stay in the game long into his forties was odd-defying.

He also revealed he considered the NFL quarterback to be the greatest of all time long before his “cliff” predictions. Certainly not something one would say about a feuding rival.

The Cliff Might Be Close After All

Tom Brady might have successfully secured his NFL career this long, but he has come close to falling off a cliff at several points in his career.

In May 2022, the 44-year-old admitted his incomplete pass against the Raiders in the 2001 “Tuck Rule” game might have been a fumble. Luckily, the playoffs went in his favor as the fluke was overlooked, preventing him from risking his chances that season.

Over two decades later, the idol remains at the top of his game, defying the odds. So far, the icon boasts of seven Super Bowl wins, from his total of ten appearances. He has also led his team to victory in several other tournaments.

Having achieved so much, Brady deems himself deserving of a break. He announced his retirement in February 2022 but thought better of it following a 40-day hiatus. Notwithstanding, he realized his days on the field were numbered, admitting:

“I really don’t know when I’d be done playing. I would say it’s year to year: Could this be my last year? Absolutely, Could I change my mind? Absolutely. I’ve realized I don’t have five years left.”

Going further, Brady stressed that his intention to retire was not out of a lack of commitment to the Tampa Bay Buccaneer. Rather, it stemmed from his desire to spend more time with his family comprising his wife Gisele Bündchen, his teenage son, and two younger kids who needed him more.

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