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US To Send New Military Aid Package Worth $300 Million to Ukraine

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‘Free people of a free country’ speech by Zelensky
Source: President of Ukraine/Wikimedia Commons

The Biden administration announced on Tuesday a new military aid package for Ukraine worth $300 million. This marks the first such move in months, as additional funds for Kyiv have been blocked by Republican leaders in Congress. 

The White House is working to provide more military assistance despite resistance from Republican hardliners, given the situation on the battlefield.

U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan announced that the funding for Ukraine, amounting to $300 million, would be sourced from unanticipated cost savings from Pentagon contracts. 

The aid will be used for artillery rounds and High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) munitions. Sullivan cautioned that while this ammunition would sustain Ukraine’s firepower, it would only be effective for a limited period, possibly just a few weeks.

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Sullivan emphasized that the $300 million aid package falls far short of meeting Ukraine’s battlefield requirements and will not avert ammunition depletion. Reuters initially reported the new weapons package earlier on Tuesday. 

Pentagon Press Secretary Major General Pat Ryder disclosed that the package comprises anti-aircraft missiles and artillery rounds.

He noted that utilizing Pentagon contract savings to supply weapons to Ukraine is likely a one-time occurrence and not a sustainable funding approach for Kyiv.

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The last depletion occurred in December 2023, when funds for replenishing stocks were exhausted. U.S. officials are exploring options for seizing approximately $285 billion in Russian assets frozen in 2022, intending to allocate the funds for weaponry for Ukraine.

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The announcement coincided with Poland’s president and prime minister meeting President Joe Biden at the White House later on Tuesday to discuss strategies for enhancing support for Ukraine.

Polish President Andrzej Duda remarked to reporters that financial aid for Ukraine is relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of support that could be provided.

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Using the returned funds to replenish stocks offers a temporary solution while awaiting additional funding from lawmakers. President Biden has consistently supported military aid to Ukraine since Russia’s invasion in 2022, contrasting with the more isolationist stance of his likely Republican opponent in the upcoming election, former President Donald Trump. 

Despite passing the Democratic-controlled Senate, a bill providing $60 billion more for Ukraine has been stalled in the Republican-led House of Representatives.

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U.S. intelligence agency leaders urged House members to approve additional military aid for Ukraine. They argued that it would bolster Kyiv against Russia and deter Chinese aggression.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy reported on Monday that the situation along the front lines had improved. Russian troops halted their advance following the capture of the eastern city of Avdiivka last month.

In an interview with France’s BFM television, Zelenskiy said Ukraine had improved its strategic position despite weaponry shortages. He suggested the situation could change again if new supplies were not forthcoming.

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