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US Cities With Some of the Most Incredible Museums

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The exterior of the National Museum of African American History and Culture
Source: Frank Schulenburg/Wikimedia Commons

Bodie is a ghost town in California and has since been designated as an open-air museum. Bodie was a mining town at its economic peak. In the 1880s, the city was one of the biggest in California, with a population of about 8,000 residents. 

Today, Bodie is a ghost town and a walk-through museum. Most of the standing structures in the open-air museum have been preserved. To retain the historical aura, California State Parks leaves the remaining buildings in the town as is. 

The city of Huntsville, Alabama, would probably be obscure but for the presence of the US Space and Rocket Center. So, the center unofficially wears the crown of the largest space museum in the world. A visitor to the Huntsville Museum will enjoy breathtaking sights and the history of American space exploration. In fact, they have full models of first-generation shuttles on display. 

Charleston, South Carolina, has many historic locations dotting its landscape. However, some of these places are just historical sites, while most are now museums and are open to the public. The Nathaniel Russell House is a 19th-century estate restored and preserved for its historic heritage. 

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Some other museums in Charleston are the Museum at Market Hall, Gibbes Museum of Art, and Heyward-Washington House—built by Thomas Heyward, Jr., one of the co-signees of the Declaration of Independence. Most fascinating of all is the Old Slave Mart Museum. 

Santa Fe is the capital city of New Mexico. Thanks to the rich history that the city has under its belt, there are several notable museums in it. If nothing, the museums are prolific for their artistic heritage. The most famous art museum in Santa Fe is the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, which opened its doors in 1997. 

Other attractive museums in Santa Fe include the Museum of International Folk Art, Wheelwright Museum, and Spanish Colonial Art. The New Mexico Museum of Space History is also located in Santa Fe.

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Folks who like unusual things may put the next city on their bucket list. The city of Boston in Massachusetts boasts an array of museums. Like Bodie, an open-air museum, Boston has a museum on the high sea.

The USS Constitution Museum includes a decommissioned warship that shares the museum’s name. So, visitors are allowed a tour of the warship and can even interact with some of the facilities onboard. 

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It doesn’t end there; Boston equally hosts some mortar and brick museums. Examples are the Boston Children’s Museum, the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Science, and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, to name a few. 

Last on the list is Los Angeles. There is more to the City of Angels than its beautiful beaches. So, next time you visit, seek out some of Los Angeles’s spectacular Museums. For example, the Getty Center is a place to enjoy a cocktail of different art forms, not just from the US alone, but Europe too. 

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