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Trump’s Attorney Warned Him That Failing to Comply With Classified Documents Subpoena Would “Be a Crime”

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Donald Trump’s case has been one with several surprising twists and discoveries. More recently, one of Trump’s lawyers provided significant damage that could affect his chances of victory in the Mar-a-Lago documents case.

A collage of former President Donald Trump and Jennifer Little
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According to one legal expert, the evidence will almost certainly help the prosecutors land a conviction once the case goes to trial.

Trump’s attorney, Jennifer Little, told a grand jury that she “very clearly” cautioned the former president to obey the federal subpoena for the classified documents he took from the White House.

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She also confirmed that Trump “absolutely understood” that it would be a crime not to comply. This testimony shocked several legal experts and analysts.

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CNN senior legal analyst Elie Honig said, “It’s a bullseye for prosecutors and right down the middle of what they have to prove for obstruction of justice.”

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Speculations suggest that the lawyer might testify against Donald Trump. Despite attorney-client privilege, prosecutors have shown at the Grand jury level that they could break through the privileges because they have been able to show the “Crime-Fraud Exception.”

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Donald Trump may try to contest the evidence his attorney provided. However, it is pretty clear that the evidence will come in, and Jennifer Little will be a witness at the trial for the prosecution.

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“Let’s remember that it’s the federal Mar-a-Lago classified documents case, part of the indictment relates to the mishandling of classified documents, part of it relates to obstruction of justice. If you’re a prosecutor and you have to prove obstruction, you have to show that the defendant, in this case Donald Trump, knew he had a subpoena, knew he had to comply and intentionally did not do so, and this witness, Trump’s former and, by the way, current lawyer, has told the grand jury straight up, no ambiguity, ‘You have to comply, if you don’t, it’s a crime,’ and he said, ‘I got it, I understand.'”

With the forthcoming elections in 2024, it would be devastating to Trump’s attempt to return to the White House if the trial goes against him. The former president is already surrounded by legal drama, and Trump’s team would want to avoid this one if possible.

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Special counsel Jack Smith is prosecuting the Mar-a-Lago documents trial in a federal court in South Florida. According to a report by Katherine Faulders, Mike Levine, and Alexander Mallin, “Sources said the lawyer, Jennifer Little, told investigators Trump ‘absolutely’ understood the warning, which came during a pivotal meeting at Mar-a-Lago with Trump and another attorney, Evan Corcoran, who had recently joined Trump’s legal team.”

Former president Donald Trump has denied committing any crime and believes he had the right to “mentally declassify” the documents he took home, even if he didn’t go through the standard procedure or inform anyone about it.

Earlier in July, Smith filed an indictment to add charges against Mar-a-Lago property manager Carlos de Oliveira. It is alleged that he worked with Trump in an attempt to destroy incriminating CCTV footage of the documents being handled and hidden.

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