Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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HomeNewsKen Paxton Drags Pfizer to Court for Inefficacy of their COVID Vaccine 

Ken Paxton Drags Pfizer to Court for Inefficacy of their COVID Vaccine 

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Ken Paxton is the Attorney General of Texas, and he recently filed a 54-page lawsuit against Pfizer. According to Paxton, the major inspiration behind the litigation is how long the COVID pandemic took to wear off.

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The suit claims that the number of deaths increased even after administration of the Pfizer vaccine. Citing the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, Paxton is indicting Pfizer for clearly misleading the citizens of Texas. 

Right after the first instance of COVID-19 in America, Pfizer’s vaccine was the first to receive clearance for human administration in the US. The first COVID patients received the Pfizer vaccine in late 2020. However, the Paxton lawsuit suggests that the effect of the vaccinations was less significant than expected. 

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The World Health Organization called off the pandemic status of COVID-19 on May 5, 2023. A few weeks later, the US government did the same, paving the way for the relaxation of social restrictions. 

However, it is interesting that the Paxton litigation is coming now. There has been a recent wave of agitation by Conservatives. Basically, most of their agitation has anti-vaccine undertones and seems to be inspired by the coming elections. 

Some observers believe that Paxton is simply an adherent of the denial lot. If these claims are valid, it would become easy to understand the Attorney General’s skepticism about the efficacy of Pfizer’s vaccine. 

On the contrary, Paxton only tries to use objective rhetoric to analyze some of Pfizer’s projections. For example, while bidding for approval of their vaccine, Pfizer suggested that the drug is 95% effective for suppressing the COVID-19 virus.

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However, Paxton claims there were more deaths during the first year of vaccine administration than the second year. Likewise, some Conservatives are propagating suggestions that some Americans lost their life after receiving the vaccine. 

However, experts have stepped forward to counter a lot of these claims. For example, the claims about the records of deaths among patients who received the Pfizer vaccine.

Medical experts think the claims in the Paxton lawsuit are just a product of tight handling and manipulation of data. Also, it may be true that more vaccinated patients died across the US during the early stages of the pandemic.

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However, this data is not accurate of Texas. Besides, several factors may have contributed to the death rates during the peak periods of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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According to figures made available by the Department of State Health Services, approximately 1.2 million Americans lost their lives during the pandemic.

However, this data indicates that about half of this lot died within a space of one year after the first COVID diagnosis. Interestingly, only a third of Americans have received a vaccine shot at the time. 

So, observers have ruled Paxton’s lawsuit against Pfizer as being inspired by political sentiments. 

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