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Judge Rules Against Texas Bid to Stop Feds From Cutting Razor Wire at Border

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Efforts by the state of Texas to curb the influx of illegal immigrants have suffered yet another blow. This follows a ruling on Wednesday, November 29, denying its request to stop border protection from cutting razor wire at the Mexico border. 

A Collage of a Border Patrol Agent Cutting Through Texas Razor Wire and an Illegal Immigrant Crossing into the United States
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In the suit brought by the Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, the state of Texas prayed the judge to declare the feds’ action unconstitutional. But the presiding federal judge, Alia Moses of Del Rio, declined the request. 

In her ruling, Judge Alia said that Texas failed to present convincing evidence that the border protection’s actions of cutting wire razors breached the law.

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In the past three years, the Texas Military Department has spent over $11 million in purchasing and installing razor wire fences along its border with Mexico. The state has placed over 70,000 concertina wire rolls along various border sections. 

But the measure hasn’t deterred every migrant from pursuing their dream to enter the United States. Many migrants, fueled by sheer determination, have sought to brave through the razor wire, getting entangled and cutting themselves in the process. 

Border Protection Agents have had to rescue these trapped and endangered foreigners by cutting the razor wire to let them through. But the state of Texas has argued that this isn’t the case in most instances. 

The state’s attorney general believes that border patrol officials have deliberately damaged the barricades to let immigrants through. The judge also agreed with this claim. 

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In her ruling, Judge Alia condemned the behavior of the border patrol agents who have let illegal immigrants through without good reason. 

“The law may be on the side of the defendant (the Biden administration) and compel a resolution in their favor today, but it does not excuse their culpable and duplicitous conduct,” she said in her ruling. 

Judge Alia suggested that the state of Texas could succeed in a subsequent attempt if it could prove its case more convincingly. She also derided the border protection agents for creating problems at the border. 

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“Any rational observer could not help but wonder why the Defendants do not just allow migrants to access the country at a port of entry,” Alia reasoned. 

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The judge went further to ask, “If agents are going to allow migrants to enter the country, and indeed facilitate their doing so, why make them undertake the dangerous task of crossing the river?” 

“Would it not be easier, and safer, to receive them at a port of entry?” she queried. 

The ruling isn’t likely to deter the state of Texas from its campaign against illegal immigration. The state’s Attorney General has initiated several lawsuits challenging the Biden administration’s friendly posture on the issue. 

The state government has accused the Biden administration of perpetuating “failed policies that have exacerbated the border crisis.” In 2021, the United States Border Patrol recorded 1.7 million encounters with illegal immigrants. This is the highest ever on record. The condition at the border has given the Texas government the motivation to keep fighting what it calls an “invasion.” 

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