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Texas Issues Warning That Migrants “Have Become Aggressive” to Border Patrol Agents

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Migrants Crossing a River in West Texas
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Border Patrol agents along the Texas-Mexico border received a warning. The warning states that migrants are becoming more aggressive toward law enforcement. The Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS) issued the memo, which NewsNation obtained.

The warning follows the circulation of a viral video. The video depicts migrants pushing through razor wire and National Guard soldiers. The incident occurred in El Paso, Texas.

Illegal migration along the southern border has become a prominent political issue. Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican 2024 presidential candidate, has emphasized it in his campaign. He is seeking a second White House term.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported 68,260 irregular migrant encounters in January, following 149,806 encounters along the Texas-Mexico border in December. On Thursday, NewsNation southwest correspondent Ali Bradley read out what she said was a memo from the TDPS to border control agents concerning officer safety.

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It said: “This situation now carries officer safety concerns, as migrants have become more aggressive towards law enforcement as they attempt to circumvent the border barriers and enter the U.S., according to law enforcement officers at the scene.”

The TDPS memo reportedly warned that migrants had been advised they would face no consequences for escalating violent tactics. This advice was said to contribute to the unrest.

Nine migrants involved in the storming of border defenses at El Paso, Texas, have been charged. The charges include inciting a riot, assault on Guard members, and property damage over $2,500.

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Among them, 21-year-old Honduran Junior Evaristo-Benitez faces a third-degree felony for assaulting a public servant. Governor Abbott affirmed the effectiveness of Operation Lone Star, a border control operation he initiated in 2021. U.S. Customs and Border Protection data revealed a notable decline in migrant crossings into Texas.

From October 2023 to February 2024, encounters with suspected illegal migrants decreased by 28 percent in Texas. In contrast, California and Arizona experienced 35 percent and 52 percent increases during the same period.

Tensions between Texas and federal authorities have escalated due to the migrant crisis. The Supreme Court ruled in January that federal agents can remove razor wire placed along the Mexican border by Texas National Guard troops under Abbott’s directives.

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In response, Abbott claimed that Texas was being invaded and asserted its “constitutional authority to defend and protect itself.”

Also, Texas Senate Bill 4, signed by Governor Abbott, faced legal challenges. The legislation, approved by the Supreme Court in a 6-3 verdict on March 19, stirred controversy. It aimed to empower state law enforcement to detain and deport illegal migrants.

However, a federal appeals court placed the legislation on hold just hours after the Supreme Court’s decision. The move raised questions about the division of responsibilities between state and federal authorities regarding immigration enforcement.

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