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Legal Experts Say Letitia James’ Assistant May Face Charge of Criminal Tampering

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A picture of New York Attorney General Letitia James
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Assistant Attorney General Stacey Hamilton is potentially facing a misdemeanor criminal charge for vandalism, which is third-degree criminal tampering. Hamilton allegedly damaged a neighbor’s car by throwing an unknown liquid on it in November.

These allegations were reported by The Times Union. Hamilton’s attorney has reportedly accused the office of Albany County District Attorney David Soares of “unfair treatment.”

However, it’s noted that an unassociated special prosecutor was assigned to the case. The office of Letitia James has gained national attention in recent years for its investigations into alleged wrongdoings by former President Donald Trump.

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These investigations culminated in a successful business fraud lawsuit against Trump, resulting in a judgment of over $464 million. The purported charge against Hamilton is unrelated to Trump and revolves around an alleged dispute or incident with her neighbor.

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When approached by The Times Union, Hamilton, who has worked for various state government agencies in New York, denied being charged with any crime. She purportedly suggested to the paper’s reporter over the phone that they “really need to actually do some investigating.” Court documents cited by The Times Union claim that on November 16, Hamilton allegedly poured “unknown liquids” on a neighbor’s car. 

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Following the incident, the neighbor filed a vandalism complaint with the police, stating that the liquid damaged the paint on his vehicle. Hamilton’s lawyer, Kevin Gagan, informed the paper that the girlfriend of the car’s owner allegedly assaulted the assistant attorney general. 

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This was on the same night as the purported vandalism incident. Reportedly, the girlfriend is facing a misdemeanor charge of assault. Gagan alleged that the vandalism complaint was fabricated to get Hamilton arrested and gain media attention to embarrass her.

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He suggested that this was a ploy to pressure her into dropping a criminal case against the girlfriend of the car’s owner. Furthermore, Gagan implied that there might be personal animosity between a former coworker of Hamilton, who works in Soares’s office, and Hamilton.

However, the office of Soares denied any involvement in Hamilton’s purported prosecution. They refuted claims of behind-the-scenes manipulation, stating that there was “absolutely no truth” to such allegations.

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“It’s a piece of paper. Do you understand what words mean?” Hamilton said. “I understand what’s written on a piece of paper… If you do anything else with false information further than asserting it to me on the phone, you better be real careful.”

When asked about the court document mentioning the tampering charge, Hamilton suggested that the reporter update their knowledge and investigate further.  She indicated that the presence of the document did not imply that she had been formally charged with any offense.

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