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Superhero Movie ‘Hancock’ May Be Coming Back with a Sequel, and This Is Why Everyone Should Be Thrilled

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The superhero flick, “Hancock” remains on the tip of every tongue 13 years after its release, as the world anticipates a sequel.

Will Smith and Charlize Theron stormed the fictional world of superheroes in 2008 with their ultimate rendition of John Hancock and Mary Embrey in the superhero film, “Hancock.”

The movie became a hit in no time, taking center stage among other superhero flicks released that year, like “The Dark Knight” and Marvel’s “Iron Man.”

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Will Smith and Charlize Theron on Hancock | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

“Hancock,” told the story of a superhero with a dark past that left him rotting in the throes of substance abuse, alcoholism, recklessness, and neglect of the plight of others. His chance encounter with Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman) offered him a second chance to lead a better life and use his superpowers for good.

With its immense success in the box office, one would think a sequel would hit the screens in no time. Thirteen years down the line, the wait is still on, with the possibility of a sequel seeming like a ray of sunshine in the dark ocean.


Aside from increasing anticipation by fans and occasional suggestive interviews, there have been few pointers suggesting a potential “Hancock” sequel. Yet, considering the popularity the film garnered following its first release, it is quite difficult to rule out the possibility of “Hancock 2″ hitting the screens.

"Hancock" cover photo | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Aside from being a hit, several performers and stakeholders in the franchise have teased the possibility. Producer and director, Peter Berg once acknowledged that a sequel was bound to happen, once all the brains involved got on the same page, with some consistency.

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With growing anticipation, coupled with tons of unanswered questions about the fictional John Hancock’s past left unaddressed in the first part, a sequel would undoubtedly attract an impressive viewership.


Actress Charlize Theron who played Mary Embrey, Hancock’s former partner in the movie also favored a sequel. During a 2020 interview, the icon recounted there were initial discussions about a possible “Hancock 2” soon after releasing the first.

However, as the years passed, the idea seemed to have gone down the drain. Notwithstanding, the “Hancock” actress was on board for a sequel anytime. She shared:

“We’ll be superheroes with our walkers, you know. And I’d still go! I’ll still make that movie. I would do it in a heartbeat.”

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Will Smith is not far behind, as he also shared Theron’s desire to return for another production of the movie. During a 2009 interview, Berg admitted the two superhero leads signed up to return for a sequel.


Introducing lovable characters with unusual extra-terrestrial powers, “Hancock” was undoubtedly destined for success in the movie world from the onset.

Unlike other superhero dramas, “Hancock” was not based on a superhero vs supervillain plot, thereby introducing a relatively different comic style. This slight deviation from expectation made the movie somewhat unpredictable, piquing the interest of viewers.

Will Smoth as John Hancock on "Hancock" | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

However, the movie also faced massive criticism for the unexpected turn. Not like it mattered, as watching Will Smith’s character battle his internal demons and journey towards redemption provided all the entertainment one needed from a movie.

With the unique plot, coupled with the bouts of comedic moments and eye-popping effects displayed in “Hancock,” it came as no surprise that the movie became an instant hit.


Looking past the funny dialogues, thrilling effects, and plot twists, lots of questions about John Hancock’s past and vague future are the major contributors to viewers’ insatiable craving for a sequel. 

Delving into an imaginative world where a second part of the superhero franchise actually happens, what could one possibly expect the storyline to look like? We happen to have a few ideas. 

For starters, Hancock and Mary Embrey were two unlikely gods forced to defy their attraction to stop the world from crumbling. Although unknown to both at first, Ray’s mission to rehabilitate the title character unveiled several discoveries, including their interconnected history.

Needless to say that there has to be more behind the mysterious out-of-this-world history. Additionally, the discovery of Mary’s existence left the characters wondering how many other superheroes were in hiding. Of course, viewers also shared that curiosity, and are very much interested in the outcome of the investigation.

Charlize Theron as Mary Embery on Hancock | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Luckily, Berg implied in a 2009 interview, that the plot of a possible “Hancock 2” would center on the possibility of another god being out there. Likewise, he teased a possible rekindling of the decades-long erased relationship between Mary and Hancock in the sequel. Should that be the case, we find ourselves wondering what happens to Ray, who happens to be Mary’s husband.

There is also the possibility of adopting the original draft of the movie, which was initially discarded due to it’s darker ending.

These numerous possibilities, when expanded upon, leaves room for several twists and turns that could sum up to a whole new story, bringing back the favorite superhero pair to the big screen.

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