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NAACP Leader Slammed for Racial Slurs in Leaked Video

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A Smiling Teresa Haley
Source: Teresa Haley/Facebook

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in Illinois faced criticism over a December 2023 controversy. NAACP Illinois State Conference President Teresa Haley is under fire for her remarks against immigrants.

The top civil rights leader appeared in a video spewing discriminatory comments about immigrants during a leadership meeting on Zoom. According to the recorded clip from the virtual conference, Haley called migrants “savages.” Also, she claimed that migrants are raping people in the Chicago community.

In an interview, former NAACP DuPage County President Patrick Watson said top NAACP leaders throughout Illinois met on October 26, 2023. However, Haley presided over the meeting. He also revealed that Haley’s comments stemmed from the discussion about the migrant crisis in Chicago.

“The comments came up when some Chicago-based presidents started to talk about the migrant crisis,” Watson said. He also revealed they had “different opinions about some of the resources that were going to the community.”

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Although Watson said, “It’s okay to have a different opinion,” he condemned Haley’s remarks. “But President Haley engaged in what I would call absolute hate speech,” he said. 

According to the clip provided by Watson, Haley and meeting members discussed the influx of migrants in Chicago. “What’s happening in Chicago is a shame,” Haley says, “and it’s a crime.”

She and others explain how the Black community of Chicago lacks resources. Also, they claim migrants receive more attention and care from state and federal authorities. “The busloads are coming, and we’re seeing families on the street,” Haley says.

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In addition, she pointed out that homeless Black people have not received the same help as migrants because of stereotypes. She said that many view Black people on the streets as “drug addicts” and people battling mental health issues.

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Afterward, Haley ironically dishes her set of hostile generalizations about migrants. “But these immigrants we got coming over here, they have been raping people, they have been breaking into homes,” she said.

“They’re like savages as well.” Haley added that migrants “don’t speak the language, and they look at Black people like we’re crazy.” In an attempt to excuse her rant, the NAACP leader said, “I’m trying not to be a n—-.” 

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However, Haley’s remarks quickly incited widespread criticism. Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker was among those who decried Haley’s comments publicly. He called her comment “reprehensible” and said, “I would hope that she would apologize for the remarks.” Also, Pritzker emphasized the integral role of immigrants in the larger American society.

In his interview, Watson also called out Haley for her statement. “I was absolutely horrified,” Watson told The Daily Beast. “To think that this is someone who is a leader in the African American community here, within the civil rights movement, and she would be openly saying these things about another group of marginalized people, it was reprehensible.”

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Watson also noted that Haley’s comments were similar to those of former President Trump at his political rallies. In addition, Watson revealed that the meeting in October was not the only time Haley made questionable statements. “She made comments about the LGBTQ community,” Watson explained.

“She spoke about a conference call that she was on where there were individuals that had their pronouns. .. And she said something along the lines of, ‘The national organization is becoming more diverse. We’ve got people there that call themselves they, them, it. What the hell is that?'”

However, he said the xenophobic statements were the “final, final straw.” Consequently, Watson resigned, saying he could no longer work under Haley or her “abhorrent” speech. On the other hand, despite the outrage and the video evidence, Haley denies making the statements.

She told ABC Chicago while on vacation in Dubai that she didn’t make the statements in the video. “With Al, anything is possible,” she told the local news outlet. However, Watson said, “She has a history of twisting the truth.”

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