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HomeNewsCalifornia Authorities Apprehend "Master of Disguise" After Years of Manhunt

California Authorities Apprehend “Master of Disguise” After Years of Manhunt

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A picture featuring Tyler Adams
Source: nypost/Twitter

A fugitive, reportedly recognized as a “master of disguise,” was apprehended in Newport, California, late last month. Authorities anticipate his extradition to Hawaii next week.

Governor Josh Green of Hawaii announced in a press release that federal authorities apprehended 51-year-old Tyler Adams on November 30, 2023. Adams was arrested on a state warrant from Hawaii for failing to return to the Laumaka Furlough Center in May 2019.

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During that period, Adams was incarcerated at the Oahu Community Correctional Center, serving time for two felony theft convictions.

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Tyler Adams reportedly faced two felony theft convictions related to stealing $130,000 from Hawaiian banks and a $5,000 ring from Costco. 

Before these charges, he had served a 7-year sentence in San Diego for identity theft. This accumulated to over $3 million in debt using his parents’ identities.

In June 2022, the FBI announced its interest in questioning Tyler Adams regarding the disappearance and presumed death of his girlfriend, Raquel Sabean, in Mexico. Adams had reportedly used an alias to enter the United States.

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Earlier that month, Tyler Adams was detained and questioned in Mexico in connection with the disappearance of his girlfriend, Raquel Sabean. Subsequently, he left Mexico and entered the United States through the San Ysidro Port of Entry in San Diego, California, on June 16.

Tyler Adams allegedly entered the United States using the fake name “Aaron Bain.” The FBI noted his history of using aliases, including fake and stolen identities.

Earlier in the year, authorities found human remains in a vehicle associated with Raquel Sabean. Officials believe the body is that of Sabean, who shared a child with Tyler Adams.

Raquel Sabean and Tyler Adams, both U.S. citizens living in Tijuana, Mexico, disappeared, with Adams believed to be the father of their infant daughter.

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Tyler Adams was initially detained in connection with an Amber Alert for the disappearance of their toddler daughter. She was later found safe in Mexico.

According to the FBI, Adams was uncooperative when questioned about Sabean.

Adams, known as a “master of disguise,” has a criminal history dating back decades, according to several reports.

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A local NBC station in Honolulu, Hawaii, reported that in 2009, Adams created numerous fake businesses. He also opened accounts at the Bank of Hawaii and American Savings Bank.

He reportedly used fraudulent checks to deposit large sums of money into the accounts. Adams convinced the bankers to make the funds available to him immediately.

Adams had several aliases in Hawaii. The names included Kevin Kennedy, Lance Irwin, and Michael Whittman. All three names were allegedly those of University of Hawaii law school students.

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