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Authorities Initiate an Investigation after Transgender was Found Bathing with High School Girls in Wisconsin

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The locker room incident that prompted this news report happened earlier this year. Unfortunately, the inability of the school authorities at Sun Prairie Area School District (SPASD) to appropriately address the situation has caused the incident to balloon into litigation.

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According to reports, four first-year female students were having a shower in the locker room when a transgender woman, 18 years of age, walked in. The trans woman informed the four students that they were trans and proceeded to undress. 

To the astonishment of the four girls, the trans woman joined them in the shower and equally made use of the facility.

According to a statement later made by the four girls involved, the trans woman initially faced the wall but later turned around to reveal their sexual anatomy.

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Then they discovered that the trans woman, in fact, had not medically transitioned and still had the full features of a biological male. At this realization, the girls became unedged, rushed through their cleaning, and hurried out of the shower. 

The girls would later report their locker room experience to an assistant principal at the school. Normally, the assistant principal would have been expected to pass on the girls’ report to the Title IX coordinator at SPASD, but they never did.

Since the school authorities were unresponsive in addressing the situation. The parents of the four girls decided to take their case to the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL).

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They, in turn, petitioned the US Department of Education (DOE) Office of Civil Rights. The DOE immediately initiated an investigation into the incident. 

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The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) is a law firm in the state that works with the parents involved to ensure the DOE follows through with the investigation. Daniel Lennington, Deputy Counsel at WILL, states that this case is pivotal.

It will serve as a deterrent for other schools in the country that tend to impose half-baked transgender policies on their non-LGBTQl+ students. 

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In recent times, Conservatives have raised their voices on the deleterious effects that the activities of the LGBTQI+ community might have on society. Meanwhile, most Democrats, including President Biden, are unreservedly supporting this community. They are calling for the removal of discriminatory partitions against them.

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In WILL’s petition to the Office of Civil Rights, they cite the Title IX law and claim that the action of the transgender woman qualifies as sexual discrimination and harassment.

WILL also pointed out that SPASD has failed in its responsibility to provide a conducive learning environment for the school’s female students in a bid to accommodate queer students.

Before the DOE investigations commenced, SPASD acknowledged the notice that was served to them. The DOE Office of Civil Rights has promised to be as neutral as possible while investigating the incident. However, counsels at WILL hope the DOE investigations will yield favorable fruits that will prevent such awkward incidents from happening again. 

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